Which acid is best? Azelaic Acid or Salicylic Acid? | Dr Sam Bunting


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Anonymous65 says:

I use them both in my morning routine. I smell a new salicylic/azelaic product to be released tomorrow.

Excellent video … very informative. I have learnt so much from all your videos over the past few years . I use all your Flawless products and at age 76 am told that l have very good skin ! I am so grateful for all your information .
Many heartfelt thanks !

Ella Y says:

Great info as usual. 😊

Wayne Goss says:

Just a personal note here: I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dr Sam on Sunday. Not only is she funny but has the most flawless beautiful skin. Blown away! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dana Godfrey says:

Thankyou for great info cheers

Snickelfritz says:

hey dr sam my question is it okay to use 2% salicylic acid cleanser and tretinoin in the same routine ?

Yes Dr Sam. " If Skin colour should be change , that's depends on that what you are eating. " And especially oilskin should be more becearful. " Actually mine oilskin so, I'm start using from couple of weeks" (pears facewash) " so, using face creams that's not enough but also we should eat clean and fresh foods. " Thnx Dr Sam 👍😘

Can azelaic acid 2% cause purging or irritate the skin? I have got mild itching in different parts of my face, having red bumps too. In the chin area i used to have closed comedones. Now i can feel they are turning into pimples. Can this be because i have been using azelaic acid all over my face?

J Walia says:

Does azelaic acid also help in renewing tanned skin or reversing sun damage on face and neck?I have oily sensitive skin. But My skin loves clay mask and benzoyl peroxide ❤️✨

Please do a video on products for evening out body texture and color maily knees and elbows.

allegra1952 says:

thanks as always! I use both and happy with the results. on my legs I suffer from ingrown hair, so almost daily I do a sweet scrub and then spread a lotion with glycolic. it helps me for dry skin. if i used Azelaic would it help my ingrown hair? pls you opinion means a lot to me dr Sam🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

Hello Dr Sam…dr I'm using granactive redinoid 5 in squalane as per your advice. I dont use any moisturizer with this should i use any? I have combination skin and Its very hot and humid weather here in pakistan so my skin gets oily when i use moisturizer

lalaithan says:

What percentage of azelaic acid should we get?

ayile laura says:

Thanks so much Doc. I have learned a lot from your videos. Since the pass 3months. May my God bless you

Galato says:

Thanks for this video. As always, It was very informative. could you recommend something for dark armpits? Thank you again.

Living Cute says:

I use the 10% azelaic acid by TO and it has made wearing sunscreen daily bearable for me. It mattes the skin so that when I apply my “oil free” sunscreen I don’t look too shiny

Azelaic for me – dry mature roseacea skin. Salicylic for 15yr hormonal daughter 😁👍

Rose J says:

Will azelaic acid prevent milia from forming?

pilum78 says:

My friends friend was prescribed Azelaic Acid 15% cream, and she said she couldn’t stand it as she felt like it was burning her skin.

Nguyen Duc says:

Guy please help me answer this question. Should I use niacinamide products after or before using acid azelaic products and moisturizers? I am so confused right now.

Omi Gandia says:

Hi Dr, thanks for your helpful reviews. A quickie, I am using azelaic and soolantra in combo and it works wonder for me. However, I have not been instructed on when stoping soolantra. Now my skin is perfect in 40 days. Do I have to continue until 3 months as I read anyway? Using 3 times per week at night. Thank you in advance from sunny Spain.

Hi Doctor,first of all thank lot for the informative video as always.
i just have a question, i am currently on prescription steroid cream for a bad skin flare up (eumovate cream)
and of course when the course finishes in 3 days i have to use the gentelests of products for a while..so when can i re introduce actives back to my skin? (tret and vitamin c)
Thank you

Thanks for excellent video
What cause perioral dermatitis?

Verity V says:

Simple explanation and easy to understand.. Thank you!

Ray Radiance says:

Salicylic acid has always saved my pores and brightening/soothed my skin. Azelaic acid always irritated my skin and left a film. Also, I only use salicylic acid in a foaming cleanser (aveeno) so the fact that it’s so powerful yet gentle for a 30 second wash is astounding.

I have super oily acne prone skin. Through my teens, 20, 30 & early 40's I responded really well to topical benzoyl peroxide at 10% in concert with 2% salicylic acid wash and spot treatment. A year ago, At 45 I switched up my routine, to include anti-aging products. I dropped benzoyl peroxide and incorporated retinoids at night and vitamin C during the day…you touched on retinoids but how does Azalaic Acid and/or Salicylic acid applied during the day play with Vitamin C?

both burn my skin and yield zero results I'm confused about science

LoveToday8 says:

Thanks so much for your videos on azelaic acid! I use both of these acids.
I never knew salicylic acid was anti-inflammatory. I tend to use salicylic acid for whatever active breakout azelaic acid couldn't prevent. I mainly use azelaic for assistance with hyperpigmentation

Ayeshmoon says:

Can you please help assist me which product is best to get rid of white and black heads

Katie Boyd says:

Does the function of Azaleic acid mean that it will help with keratosis pilaris?

Please, please do a Vitamin C vs Azelaic Acid video. I think they promise similar results in terms of hyperpigmentation

Emily V says:

Azaleic acid did so little for me. Went through 2 tubes and it barely made any difference.

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