Use This Face Serum For 1 Week

Use This Face Serum For 1 Week

Homemade Skin Brightening serum That Can Do Wonder On Your SKIN #serum #skincare



17 thoughts on “Use This Face Serum For 1 Week”
Muzna Shaikh says:

Thanka a lot
Very much needed

how many days can it be stored in room temperature???

Red chilli powder use nhi krna kyy

Asad Butt says:

Patato sy to or dany niklty h madm plz kch or bty

Hager Adel says:

Vitamin c serum alternative is mixing vitamin c effervescence tablets with little water and after effervescence stops, we mix it with glycerine as your vitamin c serum at night or before bed

Hager Adel says:

Lemon has a high precentage of citric acid or vitamin c which is not suitable for skin.. As it makes skin more sensitive to sun with time

Tazeen Sadaf says:

I think ap use nhi krti hn ye sirum that's y apka face glowing nhi hai…..

The best way wud b making ice cubes of all these combo n use it everyday

Please pehle khudka face to thik karlo phir hame batana

First buy a blouse ma then u can give remedy for us..

AdArVan .s says:

Please change the model

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