Try the fastest way to lose 10 kgs in 45 days -See the results starting from 1 week!

Try the fastest way to lose 10 kgs in 45 days -See the results starting from 1 week!

There are many factors that lead to weight gain like lack of sleep, stress, skipping breakfast, eating foods high in sugar and salt, greasy or junk food.I know it is truly difficult to resist the temptation of relishing our taste buds.But not to worry anymore, to shed those extra fats you don’t have to stay on fasting or follow strict dieting.The only thing you have to do is to incorporate this weight loss tea to your daily diet.This drink is rich in powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, minerals and fibre that increases metabolism, stimulates body to burn calories and decreases fat.
DIY Weight Loss Tea to lose 10 Kgs in 45 Days

All the ingredients used are natural and can be easily prepared right at home.
Boost Metabolism..Burn Fat – See the results starting from 1 week!

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38 thoughts on “Try the fastest way to lose 10 kgs in 45 days -See the results starting from 1 week!”

Plz show your weight loss routine
And plz tell me which is the best rose water brand in budget?????
Looking so so so so lovely😘😘😘😘😘😘 sweety😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

how can I lose 10 kg in 1 month, I have my marriage in april

Marina Yang says:

Good one ☝️ America 🇺🇸

Thankyou so much Sneha But I think it's not your voice… aw…Can you upload the perfect video for best general diet for weight loss.?


I will try it definitely 👍… Maine apki Alsi wali remedy bhi try ki thi, jo ki apne 2017 me dali thi bahut bahut acchi thi, ab wo video mil hi nahi rahi.. 😊

Ateeqa Omar says:

Pls show us your weight Loss journey…
You look very pretty..
Love to watch your videos.. 💖💖

kavitak says:

please share your detailed weight loss journey, what you eat in a day and exercise

Mansi says:

I swear I look larger in photos than I do IRL, what to do, because of my large hip? any exercise for losing hips and thigh fat

inaya says:

I got to try one after trying all other way , literally struggling

We can use any saunf pls reply

priti says:

Fenugreek how can I get

Lipika Battu says:

I usually take cumin and have seen good results , this drink is even better and awesomely innovative

Lavina Lewis says:

Can you make a powder. It would be easier

10 kg in 45 days doesn’t sound healthy Sneha. Please be careful

Ned Narmore says:

👍 also healthy 👍👍

rasika nithu says:

Can feeding mom can drink. will it give side effect, will it heat the body

Jaya Tiwari says:

Iska powder bana kar rakh sakte haine aur warm water ke saath le

updating you t result next week

Neha Singla says:

Can I make powder of it and take with warm water, please reply

Have to drink this 15 minutes Before breakfast and before bed time?

Does this work for men??

Hima Bindu says:

Sneha pls do a video on dark underarms

rabi ray says:

Thanks for sharing

Fun fact: Banging your head against a wall for one hour burns 150 calories.

Here I have a doubt. Consuming Garm Masala every day in such amount isn't healthy at all. Ok for the time being ll not feel but in the lo g run it ll cause burning in liver and blood. And sometime stomach illness.

Can we add dry mint leaves when boiling???

Ma'am..thanks for the invaluable tip..can we take before lunch?

Yusra Ilyas says:

Sneha I love your videos. I have a Q please tell me that if the cumin seeds are 1/2 cup or what as in the video you show it is 2 tablespoons only.

Ma'am..can we have this after food?as I forget to have before..great video Ma'am..thanks

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