Top 5 uses of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin & Hair || ACNE SPOTS, LIGHTENING… | SuperWowStyle Prachi

Top 5 uses of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin & Hair || ACNE SPOTS, LIGHTENING… | SuperWowStyle Prachi

Sharing my top 5 favourite uses of vitamin e capsules for skin and hair – to lighten dark spots, acne marks, hyper-pigmentation, get glowing skin, make nails harder and also for glowing skin and glossier hair!

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U r looking awsme in this video di 😘😍😍

Rajni Rawat says:

Definitely i will use it…i always lv ur all videos ….😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

Keerthi Sree says:

Bloopers are amazing prachi!lol😋😋

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Divya Saluja says:

Wow.. You r looking adorable 😍😘

Can we use vitamin E capsules with anyother oil for face?

Satwat says:

These are Awesome amazing hacks or ideas!!! Definitely going to try out each and every one of them 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

sarita das says:

Guys plss use d vitamin e capsul on ur own risk bcoz evrybdy's skin typ is diffrnt…n d rslt may diffr frm one skin typ to anothr…i strtd usin d capsule by mixin it wd aloe gel and glycrin n rose wtr…as my skin is vry oily…i didn't knw tht it vl give me an altrnatv reslt…i strtd gettin vry much severe acne on face as well as my neck aftr d usage of ds i hv stopd usin it nw…n probably vl nt use in future as well…havin vry severe acne nw and colud'nt find any solution for dealin wd it..i guess i vl go to a dermatologist fo my it's severe aftr usin ds capsule and can't treat myslf wd home remedies…use it only if u r confidnt about ur skin typ n ol

VANI j says:

Hi akka pls just say hi to me…Vani from Tamil u so muchhhhhhh….now a days I am addicted to your videos…pls say hi only this time plssssssssss….I just want to know whether my comments reach u or not…Becoz usually I didn't type comments in you tube…it's really new to me….god bless u…

Can v use sandalwood powder instead of oil

I miss lyra in this video😯 very useful video 😊 thankyou prachi😍 love you always 😘😘

Boney Dias says:

Di….can we store the night cream

Tamanaa Jain says:

Vitamin E used on acne prone skin directly causes breakouts. Prachi i love you but this time m not happy with this advice of urs. It may lighten acne scars but it will cause bad breakout for sure. U didnt mention anything in description too. M a blind follower of ur DIY🙈

Do Jhonson baby oil which have vitE work same as these capsule?🙋

Di from ver did I can get that Tea tree oil,czz I asked it from medical shops but it is not available anyver

sam fer says:

Which one should we use? There are vitamin e specifically for hair ,face & eating . please answer.

You were looking too prettyyyy. Could you please film how you did this look?❤

kiran sharma says:

Hey di your channel is about to complete 700k subscribers 🙂

Vinu -92 says:

I hv a doubt , how can you apply honey b sleep. Itz sticky rite

tea tree oil nii milta Di

hi my dear sister … u too d core 😘😘😘😘
can we use vitamin e cpasules regularly on face ?
or we should give gaps in between them ?
pls reply me sister

Sakina Zehra says:

I love You prachi!!😍😍 U r beauty! I dont watch ur videos more but U 😂😂 dont know why what an attraction😄😘😘

Kastoori says:

Please tell from where u brought sandalwood an tea tree oil


Can we keep the olive oil n vitamin e oil mixture for the 2 – 3 days ?

She looks like deepika padukon

RENUGA M says:

Hi prachi u look like radika apta

Ankita Joshi says:

U r looking beautiful and ur hair too ❤️🤗

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I cant believe you have been using the same background music for the last two years.. even for smile with prachi videos 😂
Btw i love the music❤️

First 10 sec cuteee reaction prachi😍😍😍😘😘😘

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