Too Faced Sketch Marker Review/Demo + Sweet Peach Palette Tutorial


28 thoughts on “Too Faced Sketch Marker Review/Demo + Sweet Peach Palette Tutorial”

Always love your looks!!πŸ’œ
Glad the peach palette is coming backπŸ€—


This look came out so gorgeous! And I love Too Faced so I definitely need to get this liner!!😘

embur says:

First video of yours that I've watched and I'm officially obsessed! You've got me, I'm subscribed. You're talented and skills are awesome. I can't wait for the Sweet Peach palette to come back out and for the release of these liners! πŸ™‚

Have you used the kat Von D liner? How would you compare them?

Cheri Ray says:

I wish I could have that Sweet Peach palette so bad. πŸ™ I don't have any of these colors so I can't do this tutorial.

LOVED these colors together!

Ivanna Marie says:

Gorgeous! Your doing an amazing job. Keep up the great work πŸ˜€ <3 xoxo Just keep smiling πŸ˜€ <3

Cher says:

Out of the stila stay all day, the kat von d tattoo liner, and this, which do you prefer? x

Miss S says:

I fucking L O V E your blending!!!!

so pretty 😍😍😍😍😍


I love this eyeliner because it's sooo easy to get a sharp wing !

MsSissyke says:

I just signed up to your channel. I love this eyeliner so much. I have a difficulty to make a wing, but with this eyeliner takes me only a minute and a very little touch up. I also notice it that it's drag a little bit, but with a few try, I found it, if you tilted a little to the side, it won't do it anymore, so don't draw the line just with the tip of the liner, but include the top side of it too. This way you can make a line with one stroke. I am an older women so dragging my eyelid is happen often as the skin more loose, but with this technic I have no problem what so ever. It's stays on the eye for a very long time, I believe it's water proof, because it is hard to remove it even with a make up remover. I want to buy all of the shades, there is no other product like this in the makeup world. I bought the Too Faced "The power of makeup by Nikkietutorials" and it comes with so many product ( 9 eye shadow, two blush, one contour/bronzer, a highlighter, a purple better than sex mascara I love so much, a full size black sketch marker, eye shadow primer, a silver dust glitter) for so such a great price, that make it available for more women/men who are on the budget. I am from Canada, so the price is different from the USA, it is $68.00CAD (in USA much less), but it's so worth it with the amount of products you get. There is a mixed review on this, but I love it. This palate is only perfect for people with a very light skin complexion. If you are darker, than you need to use a setting spray to intense the pigments. So when I see a review saying "Oh so many youtuber makeup gurus are raving about it because it's Nikkie's palate, but I tell you the truth, I won't lie to you. It is a very upsetting that this product has no pigmentation etc." Pleeeeaseee! Most of the palates, makeup products are made for people from light skin to medium, not so many for pale skin tone or dark. As we all know Nikkie is very pale, so she made this for us pale people. lol So this youtubers I guess forgot that this palate actually not made for them, hence the pigments are not going to show up on their skin as they used to other palates. So they giving a misleading reviews. I' m not saying all of them doing intentionally, but I noticed that some do, so they can look good in a viewers eyes, so they can draw more subscribers. it's upsetting me, because my pale sisters/brothers are missing out on the great product that made for us. For pale skin is perfect, for darker tones need a built up, or fix plus or setting spray to be able to use it. I am not a professional makeup artist, nor working for Too Faced (if you were wondering) just wanted to pt my two cent in, and make sure nobody misses out on this awesome product. It is a limited edition, and it's going fast. I already ordered an other package, to make sure 'm good for a while. Angela, I love your work, an I wonder if you can do some makeup looks with this package. It would be awesome. Thank you, I'm your new subscriber and I posted you on my Facebook page, so my friends can sign up too. I only posting youtubers on my page who I think very talented, otherwise my friends would kill me. You should be up with Nikkie, Manny and Jacklyn. You are that good. I can see you will be very successful and I can't hardly wait to see more video from you.

cscott says:

How waterproof is it? How'd it look at the end of the day?

Wow good work really enjoy how this worked out πŸ™‚
Keep drawing and create art πŸ˜€

Greetings from a fellow YouTube Artist πŸ˜‰

Looooove !! 😍

This is gorgeous!! Love your reviews of the products also πŸ’“ subscribed

very pretty thanks for sharing hun

J K says:

Question- did this dry out quickly? Is it waterproof???

That thumbnail is life

‘Wow! ❀😍😱

Does anyone else have a problem with this liner, it always transfers and leaks every time I use this liner! I apply lid primer always and have tried almost everything. Anyone have any tips?!

Love ❀️ your videos girl!

Fatima Zahra says:

I love the combination w the peachy colour and the blue!!

Uuh nice, this look i have to try today!:) I used candied peach allready on my lids and puree/summer jum in the crease, but this looks so nice soft and just beautyfull… :**

Very pretty eyelook, especially the blue eyeliner. 😍❀
Peach πŸ‘ shades are so pretty. πŸ‘

Andie says:

Awesome look giirllie….exactly what I would like to do…I agree with the lashes, I have them & love! I’m debating on tryin these marker liners cuz I’ve seeen ppl say their shit. Is it jus the lighter colors that sux? The darker ones loook nice..β€οΈβœŒπŸΌβœŒπŸΌπŸ’•

My pallete is not this pigmented

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