Too Faced Pretty Rich Palette + Fenty Pigment | Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

Too Faced Pretty Rich Palette + Fenty Pigment | Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Too Faced born this way concealer

Too Faced pretty rich eyeshadow palette

Stila stay all day liquid eyeliner

NYX glitter primer

Fenty avalanche eyeshadow powder set – glacier gang

Inglot gel eyeliner – no. 77

Colourpop flexitarian highlighter

Lilly Lashes mykonos


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E25 (blending brush)

E45 (pointed blending brush)

E20 (short packing brush)

E21 (smudge brush)

E06 (tiny eyeliner brush)

L04 (highlighting brush)


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What camera and lens do you record with?
I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens for my close ups. For full face, I use the 18-55mm lens.

What eye primer do you use?
I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Where is the rest of your face?
It’s there. Don’t worry 😉



48 thoughts on “Too Faced Pretty Rich Palette + Fenty Pigment | Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial”

Holy crap how do you get your lashes too look so real !??? Seriously they look so blended into your lash line I can’t even tell their falsies

This is so beautiful.

Tina M says:

Wow love this look💙😍💙😍

Love it 💟 that silver would look really beautiful as a smokey eyeliner

J F says:

That pigment makes the look. It made the palette look very ordinary.

I thought this was James Charles when I clicked

ANDI says:

This is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Beautiful. Quick question. What color lip would you do with this? 🤔

Beautiful! I love this look & I love how easy it is! Personally, I prefer the look without the Fenty pigment (which is still totally gorgeous) more because it’s more “wearable” for my life. A bit more low key ❤️
Thanks for another great tutorial. I LOVE this video format. Perfect!

Super pretty. I'm new to your channel. Just subscribed!

Isabel S says:

You are wearing Born This Way Concealer? What color? Love the Fenti blue, beautiful.

Ann Linton says:

Do you think the blue shade would have been more vibrant if used on it’s own, not on top of the grey shade? That blue has seemed so vibrant elsewhere but I’m glad you thought to remember our little Fenty friend….I’m a sucker for those bright blues!

Now i don't get the dislikes this video got. She explains very well and the makeup is stunning.

Another beautiful look 🖤
Best part is I learn how to do it too…
Thanks, you're the best, Teach!!

Mia Rizvi says:

OH. MY. GOD. This palette is STUNNING!!! And this GORGEOUS look?! I'm done. I can't right now.

Belinda says:

Stunning 🔥🔥🔥

Erocka says:

You are a true artist! Always love watching your videos!

fletcha11 says:

Hail to the QUEEN of The Blend-Pleasssee We need an Angela Bright Eye Shadow Palette this year-GOALS…..Jenxoxo!

Funny thing, I bought the same pallet and had the same thought about the shimmers not really popping like the final look you came up with. BUT… Why I really like this pallet is because I CAN wear the glittery shadows to my job without the look being too over done for the office! It's my "day glam" lol

Paola F says:

This blue look is stunning!!! Wow!!! 😍

Girl, you rocked it! Wish we got to see your entire face rather than just one eye! I am sure your makeup was beautiful! ; )

jesus201027 says:

Fenty makeup is too good.

"of course i'll come back, obviously!" hahaha you're so funny <3 it's always nice to see you! i loved the pigment, i love vibrant colors and this one slayed the eye look <3 nice job angela!

Cyn Tirado says:

Always wondered over what base should pigments be places, as always have done over a cream shadow base, but you did over glittery shadows and worked as well!

ZOOM says:

Blue glitter/pigment looks are my favorite!!!! 😍😍

Loved it,can l use Huda beauty’s ballet (the mini blue one)

That blue is popppppin’ 😻 So stunning 💫💫

To date, this is the MOST beautiful eye look! Can you show us oldie but goodies how to apply shadow with that flap of skin hanging over the edge of eye? Talk about hooded eyes!!! I love your videos, thank you sharing.

Perfect with the lashes!!! Kisses from Argentina

That's so pretty hOLY-

makeup lover says:

O my GOD… Click right away after saw the thumbnail… Uff lush😍

InZane VlogZ says:

So gorgeous!!
Do you have a video/tutorial on how to avoid making a mess with eyeshadow? I often end up with muddy looking eyes no matter what brushes I use. I don’t know if it’s just my eye shape or my technique 🥺😔

Oh my God its amazing 👍👌

O I S H E E says:

Oh my god.. It's soooo gorgeous wow wow i loved it 😍😍😍😍

Lovvvvvvve that eye look!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dawana Lee says:

Love that you get to the point and do a closeup!!! Beautiful.

I love the blue pretty sparkle💜💜💜💜💜

Which shade of the concealer are you using?

Zeenat Ahmed says:


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