Teal Colorful Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Sigma X beautyybird Dream Palette

Teal Colorful Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Sigma X beautyybird Dream Palette

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Sigma X Beautyybird the dream eyeshadow palette

Makeup Geek retractable eyeliner – purple

Sigma liquid pen eyeliner – wicked

Tatti Lashes – TL6


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E30 (pencil brush)


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What camera and lens do you record with?
I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens for my close ups. For full face, I use the 18-55mm lens.

What eye primer do you use?
I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Are you using a filter in your videos?
HELL NO. I adjust the aperture when I’m filming and it is part of every DSLR camera. Look into it.

Where is the rest of your face?
It’s there. Don’t worry 😉



22 thoughts on “Teal Colorful Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Sigma X beautyybird Dream Palette”

This eye makeup is absolutely gorgeous. That being said, I bought this palette when it came out (as well as one for my sister) and it's awful for wear time. I work in an office so I don't need a super high performing eyeshadow, drugstore lasts all day on me, but literally just blinking wiped this eyeshadow off my eyes in an hour or two, and I tried to wear it multiple times. My sister said she experienced the same thing. It's a shame, because the colors are beautiful. (For reference – I usually use concealer as a primer and set with powder, my sister uses UD Primer Potion, we both had the same issue with the eyeshadow barely lasting more than an hour.)

Jenny Giles says:

Best You Tuber of ALL times. You are more talented than the “brand names” (you know who they are), out there and my favorite. Thank you for the tutorials. We love them.

Amber Kamran says:

OMG i love this!!!

So pretty and creative! Looks great with your eye color. 😍

Petra Torner says:

Pretty colours… like a sunset….

This came out PHENOMENAL 👏🏻👏🏻 these colors DEFINITELY become you dahling 🥰 you nailed this look!! STUNNING STUNNING work

Precioso me a encantado 🧡 mucho ke arte más bonito 🤗 me acabo de suscribir me as encantado 🧡 😘😘😘💕💕🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

This look like a dream to have on beautiful as usual. Sultry!!!! But sexy.

Rosa Franco says:

Absolutely gorgeous… I have that pallet.. ❤❤❤

This is stunning Angela 💕

Lafayette says:

Damn! You’re on a roll!

I think this look could be done with the hangin in Hawaii pallette (BH) adding a blue & teal matte from another pallette?

ذكرتني بمكياج سنة 2008

Angela! Could you do an all purple look with this palette? And tell us if their purples work or not.

Aggy N. says:

Just wanted to tell you, year ago I bought this pallette after this video and made this makeup, loved it. I just done it again and at the whole end on center of the lid I packed with my finger bit sparkle – colour REM from nabla dreamy 2 pallette and Omg, looks awesome!!!

I know this video is a year old, but I think this may be my fave look u ever done!

Just wow!! Love it x

I just wish that she applied the purple eyeshadow in her lower lash line.. that would be perfect.. nevertheless it's beautiful.

This is absolutely STUNNING!!!

in love !!!!! so beautiful, ill give it a try

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