Today I tried out the TATI BEAUTY Textured Neutrals Volume 1 eyeshadow palette!

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Check out my other looks using this palette!


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Tati Beauty textured neutrals volume 1

Velour lashes – feelin myself


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I used my Sigma favorites set!

My brush set has my 5 GO-TO eye makeup brushes! The set contains the E35, E25, E30, E21, and L05. This set is also 20% off the retail price!

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My FAVORITE Eyeshadow Brushes

My Microblading Experience

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Filming camera

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (like Tarte shape tape) and I set that with a translucent powder.



47 thoughts on “TATI BEAUTY REVIEW + EYESHADOW TUTORIAL | Angela Bright”

I feel like every single person who usues this palette ends up with a signature "Tati eye" look, and I'm here for it.

Lu Hughes says:

NYX has done this, one shade in different finishes, but first time I see it from a higher end brand, she did pick gorgeous colors.

OMG your comment about this becoming the nect go to palette for everyone like the JH x Morphe palette has been is exactly what I told my friend yesterday!

maimaimaired says:

Gorgeousness!!!!! Your blending skills is on another level. Wow just Wow. Im super happy i was able to get my hands on this palette beautiful to look at as well to use. Super happy with my purchase. New Subbie!!!!!

Nikki Rica says:

New subscriber here – you are gorgeous, I love this look!

i only have one mini palette of eyeshadow that i own. should i get this one? i am a beginner with makeup and want to start learn more. should i buy this one?

Tati's palate is pure love and nothing more

Vicki Noble says:

The first time I saw same color/different finish type palettes were the NYX palettes. I believe they still make them too.

mjmsdcs says:

Using the look you created for my husbands holiday semi-formal work party. I would’ve never even tried these colors together and I’m really stoked I found your video because I’m so excited about this look!

Please do more looks with this palette

Odette S says:

You are so talented. Beau. More looks please

Shilpi Shree says:

I really❤ like your eyes .😙

Another Beautiful look. You have the best eyes for eye shadows!

Please make look with palatee charlotte tilbury pillow talk

Price of this palette plz?

You make it look so easy.
For some reason I’m so scared of eyeshadow and I’ve kind of stopped playing with them and accepted, I just can’t do it… until I saw this palette and I’m more determined than ever to learn!
Ps. I’ll also be buying your brushes.

Loved this video so much I ordered mine a couple days ago and can't wait till it gets here so so excited.

Gorgeous eye look! I also was so blown away by the different textures and colors. Such a unique way to lay out a palette!

Anna May says:

I 💗💗💗💗💗 this video. I'm kinda a beginner with my makeup & it helped me a lot!!! Just got my pallette 😍

Hermoso maquillaje, perfect!

Katie Ryan says:

What a gorgeous look! My only issue with this palette is that the formula I was most excited about, the sequins, I can’t get to keep the sparkle once on my eyes. User error?! Perhaps. But if I want to blend the sequin shades at all, the sparkle all disappears which totally bums me out. I’ve seen other people have issue with this too, but I’m still trying to find a way to make those work. One of the things I appreciate so much about your channel is that you review makeup, and whoever created it stays out of it and we can just come here for some good old fashion makeup fun, so thank you for that. Of course, there are some people that like to slide into the comment section to say shit, but I’m told they have a right to their opinion. 🙄😂 most of the time I can let shit go, but the comments about how this palette is better than anything Jaclyn could ever create…🤨 I mean, how does Tati’s palette have anything to do with something Jaclyn creates? Oh wait, it doesn’t! This palette is good, but Jaclyn’s palettes are really good too. I mean, yes, if you like this palette more than Jaclyn’s that’s fine, but why would you even say that it’s better than anything she could create? It’s not a contest, this isn’t a video she filmed comparing the two, and more importantly, that’s not a fact. Not liking someone doesn’t make their products poor quality anymore than liking someone make their products good quality.

Mai says:

It's a very elegant palette just like her. I want vol 2 and hopefully there will be more colors.

Sailor Sam says:

I just got this palette today and I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Nida Nida says:

Will definitely have this eyeshadow pallette soon

Jamie Munos says:

These makeup videos are addictive

Lisa Parker says:

Your eyebrows are stellar!

Lisa Parker says:

Do more with this a letter pleeease

When are they going to release more ofthese?!?! They've been sold out for months. I'm dying for it.

Natasha Cox says:

I love your tutorials. I have your brush set and follow them but my eyeshadow doesn’t end up as far up to the eyebrow like yours. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions. Thanks so much

talia841951 says:

Hi Angela. I've been going through all your looks with the Tati palette. I tried to do the smokey one with the memory row and the black went everywhere. Do you think this one without the black could be an evening look for a wedding? I can do a winged liner and use the glitter row, but I wanna stay within these colors you used here and avoid the memory row. I would appreciate it if you could suggest an evening look without a cut crease and without the black.

Sabina seher says:

I love this make up👌💖💖⭐⭐

This looks like a great travel palette. I always find on vacation I’m taking 2 or 3 smaller palettes to create my go to looks. Seems perfect for vacation. Would you recommend this purchase especially now that the new Jacqlyn Hill pallet has launched?

NKBurlington says:

I have this pallet and love it. I use it almost every day in some fashion. I can only hope to get my look as stunning as yours.

Abida Naveed says:

Hey so stunning👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

I just love this palette!! I want this for my birthday 🎂

Que colores se echó en los ojos para uno saber gracias

Beth W L says:

Absolutely gorgeous! You give the best eyeshadow tutorials. I hope to recreate it using my palette.

Simran G says:

Hey, if i can have just one eyeshadow palette, which one should i buy? I don't wear makeup regularly, but I'd like to add one versatile palette, or max two, to my vanity

Luana Tironi says:

Dove posso trovare questa palette ????

Rafiqa Jesy says:

I love this palette and this look 😍😍😍

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