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Ear Piercing

It is necessary to make a tiny cut in the earlobe or anywhere else on the ear when one has their ears pierced to fit the jewelry. Since it lets individuals express their sense of style, make a political or social statement, or memorialize an important event, people have been doing this for many centuries. [...]read moreEar Piercing

Mehndi Design by Bhai ki CQ Beauty Salon

Mehndi Design

Hello my Lovelies! hope you all well, Bhai ki CQ Beauty Salon is the trusted Vender of alluraz.So in this video i am gona share an Easy mehndi design done by CQ beauty salon that you will really like.Please dont skip the video and watch till end.If you enjoy the video please hit the like [...]read moreMehndi Design by Bhai ki CQ Beauty Salon