Summer Skin Care Secrets' No Body Tell You

Summer Skin Care Secrets' No Body Tell You

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Today in this video I will show you the best five skin care hack for this summer.
These skin care hacks will instantly cool your skin, provide hydration. There will
be no redness and dryness on your skin and your skin will look great refreshed
throughout the day. So watch the full to get the best summer skin care result.

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31 thoughts on “Summer Skin Care Secrets' No Body Tell You”

Love you to dear 😘

Dipa Halder says:

During summer we need best toner for your skin type. This is most importent step and also my fevr step this summer. ❀

Suncreen is the most important in summer skincare routine. Also mainting proper hydrating is highly nessecary in summers.

Sabse important hack hai Detox water kyu ki body Detox hone se aap ki body skin bahut glow karta hai .😍😍😍 Baki sari jaruri hai aapne skin and all above ke liye πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ Trisha aap ka video very important hota hai πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Ami tomader vlog channel taoo dhaki r amr sob thake valo laglo multani mati diya jai hacks ta baniya6o seta.. Ami ata obossoi try korbo .. Love you dii and also love you twiggy ❀❀

Drinking plenty of water and keeping a healthy dite is key to keep you're skin healthy…apart from that for dedicated skin care CTM can be done with menthol based products as it will help to keep our skin cool hydrated 😎😊

Last step rose petal wala sab se important tip hi

Sunscreen is must…. And staying hydrated..

Payel Kar says:

The best summer hack for maintaining beautiful skin is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, watermelon juice, or any other fruit juices. Also, we can make a good use of water containing fruits to keep the skin hydrated.

Di summer a body hidrate rakha base proijon .sudhu body noi face ar hidration o proijon .Di AI product ta Amar khub proijon please Di

Sakina Bibi says:

Summer skincare best formula drink water with watermelon cubes

Best summer skin routine for me is video m Jo v step Trisha di ne btaya agr wo sb follow kre hm to kbhi skin m koi problem hogi hi ni…love u Trisha di

Drinking lots of Water and keep hydrated yourself.. Clening toning and moisturizing πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Love you so much Divai ❀❀❀❀

Inner beauty and freshness are the key of outer beauty. Maintaning hydration and pH of the body is the main key of maintaining a glowing skin. Eating juicy fruit and required amount of water are most important part of summer skin care.

Meghana Gh says:

Didi wt do for stretch marks? I'm 22 years old ?

Hoor Main says:

omg di U looking so slm ….

Hoor Main says:

important step :1. cleansing
2 .scrubbing
3 .face pack
and daily moistur yor skin

Himani Bhatt says:

summer skin care rutien is cleansing ,toning,gel base moisturizer,sunscream
scrubing and facemask 2 times in a week

The most important thing in summer is to keep the body hydrated.❀️Drink plenty of water and use sunscreen before going out in the sun 🌞..And of course the body needs to drink coconut water to keep it hydrated and this is what my mother said.. and always happy kind ..stay safe and positive.😘😘lv u Twiggy..late hye glo tmk reply krte Trisha di.

In skincare routine one can use
many products though using natural is better but the most important aspect is to keep your heart clean without any impurity and let it get filled with love and kindness and to smile always .Stay safe and take utmost care.Thank

summer skincare is very important roll off skin haydration and ctm is not skip this very good your skin and not skin sunscreen is very important

very important step is face clean and maurize summer use toner this hydrated skin and gloving skin

C.T.M very important

Applying sunscreen drinking lot of water

Tanusree Das says:

Cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing- all steps are important for skin. But during summer toning is must. Toner helps to balance pH of our skin and makes our skin hydrated. πŸ₯°

Your top is very beautiful trusha

Very nice summer skin care products

Baby Singh says:

Hey.. you guys are TMC supporters no? Your husband was celebrating TMCs victory in Bengal

pallabi das says:

Jokhn thke skin care korbo vbte shuru korechilm 2-3 yrs age. Tkhn thke subscribe kora. Khub boro fan. Prothome bujhieni tmio bengali 😍😍

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