Summer Favorites | Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Nails!

Summer Favorites | Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Nails!

This video is all about my current summer favorite products!


Bondi Sands everyday gradual tanning milk

Tula protect and glow face sunscreen – 22% off until June 30th!

Sol de Janerio brazialian crush cherirosa body spray

Kitsch satin pillow scrunchies

The wet brush quick dry

Olive and June press on nails

Glamnetic brush on nail glue

Sigma Beauty color correcting eye brightening duo – code ANGELABRIGHT to save!
I used a Sigma E28 to apply

Sigma Beauty highlighters – sizzle, savanna, moonbeam

Thrive Cosmetics liquid lash extensions mascara

bareMinerals blonzers
I used a Sigma F37 to apply

Tarte maracuja lip plump – peachy beige




My brush set has my 5 GO-TO eye makeup brushes! The set contains the E35, E25, E30, E21, and L05. This set is also 20% off the retail price!


How To Apply False Eyelashes

My FAVORITE Eyeshadow Brushes

My FAVORITE Face Brushes

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes


Use code ANGELABRIGHT for 10% off

*Some links provided are affiliate links


Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I always use the Rare Beauty eyeshadow primer ( and I set that with a translucent powder.



40 thoughts on “Summer Favorites | Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Nails!”

Thank you for sharing 🙂 I would love to see the quick summer look you mentioned in your video.

Love you modeling everthying my daughter who is 25 shave her hair
Her hair was long and she really suits it but I would shave my hair if xx

You are such a natural beauty, and your personality shines through in your videos!
As for the hair chopping…yes, I have done it! I had hair, long, sleek, straight, light blonde, down to my waist when I was in high school. When I waa 19 I went to a place to have it cut for the first time since I was a child, and the lady gave me what was supposed to be long layers, but she chopped my hair to pieces, and it looked HORRIBLE! I let my hair grow back out and didn't touch it again until I was about 26, while I was pregnant with my son! 😯😯😯 At that point, I began gradually, just a couple inches at a time. I ended up with my hair at about my shoulders. Sometime in my early 30's, I started gping shorter and shorter, until I ended up with a cute little spiky pixie cut that everyone (including myself) loved, and I have never turned back! Now, I have a fauxhawk look, with just the longer bangs in the front, and I get more compliments on my hair than I have since I had my long straight blonde hair in high school and early 20's! I could never go back to long hair again! It is so liberating! Now I can't stand it when my hair starts getting long on my neck and around my ears. It makes me feel like I am choking!
Your hair is gorgeous, and I love the colors that you do, but with having lightly curly hair, I think it would look great with a shorter cut, maybe like a stacked or shaggy bob to start with. I do have acouple of friends that have curly hair, and they have short pixie style cuts, and the curls look so awesome with their hairstyle, too. Whatever you decide, you will still be beautiful, so I don't think you could go wrong!

E Chase says:

Always appreciate your videos, Angela Bright!

Vanessa says:

Please help … I'm a newbie to makeup. Would you recommend Colourpop You're Golden or Colourpop Going Coconuts?

omg no don't cut your hair off been there done that and I know you will be sorry in fact I've done it many times and always been sorry xx

angela years to any look for summer where I live dosen't get alot of sun only about 2 wks in summer but cos nobody is used to it everyone's backing we tend to have heat and it's raining crap weather In uk xx

About 2 months ago, I chopped off 6 inches of my hair. Initially did 3 and it didn’t feel like enough of a change so I went for 3 more. Now that it’s grown out a bit, all I want to do it cut more 😬😬😬 so I say, do it!

Kim Hsiang says:

Whoop, there is someone else in the world who isn't great putting on sunscreen and using body moisturizer! I suck at both! I'm going to try gradual tan though! Is the sunscreen a mineral one? Everything looks super interesting!!! xxx

You are so gorgeous
And you are doing fantastic 👏
Great work 👏
Weldone Congratulations 👏

Lisa Sorce says:

Great video! Would love to see a summer look video! ❤️

Stacy Staudt says:

I totally chopped my hair recently! I went from hair near my lower back to a very short do! I love it! So freeing!

Do not cut off your hair, in the summer I want to do that to, believe me growing it back out especially curly wavy hair is so difficult if you go real short you can't have a pony tail or a bun. Love all the products in your video today. You look beautiful. I personally like the blue highlights in your hair. Yes do a quick summer look that would be nice.❣️👍

I chopped my hair off last October and within 2 days I missed my long hair lol and it’s still not all the way grown back as long as it was before I cut it so don’t go too short like I did if you do chop your hair off lol!

Hi, love your videos! Just dying to know if you have or plan to have a tutorial using Jaclyn Hill’s ‘MOM’ palette?

Jeannine T. says:

Kitsch satin hair accessories are great! I love the Sigma color correcting duo! I use it instead of concealer.I can't get Thrive mascara to work for me 🙁 I used to prime my eyes with the Gerard cosmetic primer but I find it not to hold up as well as the Lancome eye shadow primer. I don't have to set it and I'm oily. I would like to try the Rare Beauty primer. Yes for the 5 min makeup look!

I just chopped my hair off. My hair is SUPER thick, It was down to my butt. I now have a pixi cut with the underneath shaved. Just the one side is long enough to tuck behind my ear. Best decision I've ever made. I've never had short hair. I LOVE IT !!!!

lisha jayne says:

I chopped my haiir off and have been growing it out since huge regret

lisha jayne says:

Yes to the summer look

You would look great in short hair. You should totally film getting it cut if you do it. 😁 And I'd love to see a quick summer look.

Amber Wright says:

I got the tula spf during the Ulta 21 day sale because I heard it was really good under makeup and I have been loving it since! Idk what I'ma do when it's out lol

I have my head shaved and oh my gosh it feels so amazing! It's cooler, you spend less on hair products and you can get ready so much quicker. I highly recommend every woman doing it once in their life!

Looks like they have some Olive & June styles at Target. Will have to try! 😊

Pamekay says:

So happy you mentioned the sigma duo. I ordered it and supposed to get here this week. I got the brush with it I’m excited and hope to just wear it in place of concealer. I struggle to find a shade since I don’t wear foundation. Do you find you need to set it when you wear it alone ?

Sal says:

haha when I was about 15 I decided to cut my hair off. And not just like a bob- I’m talking super short sides and a longish fringe. Let me tell you I hated it so much, I didn’t go back to a hairdresser for the next 10 years! It was so long I could just sit on it. It was a bit of an extreme reaction 😂

Thank you for sharing this information. I love love watching 5 minute makeup videos. They show how you can get the maximum enhancement with minimal effort.

Simona n says:

I LOVE the sigma colour correcting duo!

I also have the Tula+ glow sunscreen! I also wanted something I felt ok using on my daughter, & I didn’t really wanna use the GOOD GOOD on her.. she doesn’t need the glow! (She’s 8!) I ended up buying the Bliss blockstar invisible. Which is funny because it comes out cream colored but does rub away. & this is a more “expensive” face sunscreen in my opinion . Because I also am not a good sunscreen applier 🫣 Anyway! I’ve been using the 2 finger trick but I’ve been mixing my Tula on one fringe & Bliss on the second & mix it up for my face. I LOVE the concoction! It’ll make my Tula last longer as well!
I also am obsessed with Sol 40 spray body/hair mist. For all year..! just yum & sexy! I just got the the 68 which people are raving about for the summer. I don’t think it’s as good! Definitely more a summer smell, it’s growing on me! Maybe I should mix them as well. Thrive is the first tubing mascara I tried I got it for an amazing price on Ipsy. I can’t believe how amazing it is! If I don’t wash my face that night, it’s on the next day too! That was a SHOCKER

Yes please🙋‍♀️for a 5 min summer make up look, or even a 5 item😵‍💫 makeup look. Anything that will simplify the whole 'science' of makeup would be lovely thx🤗

Sol de janeiro is great

Maddie B says:

I had hair to mid back and then I wanted to change it up and got a bob my head felt lighter and I felt it’s going to sound silly but free I live in NYC and my hair would get caught on the train signs ???? It would get caught on my back when I sat on the buss … I love it 😻 it’s just hair it will grow back

Megan Davis says:

I’ve got some Favorite for products this past month that aren’t new but new to me so here we go : 


makeup by Mario master eye prep and set compact, CT – the bronzer from the filmstar bronze & glow duo compact, airbrush flawless setting powder & the setting spray, milk makeup rise mascara, Lisa Eldridge lucent lipsticks, rare beauty liquid blush in the shade bliss


The Ikny List – fulvic acid cleanser & BCE moisturizer,

B DC says:

Like your videos.
If possible I like to know, what you do expired face product specially eye palate, foundation, lipstick, face powder.

jcharlston1 says:

I’ve had longer hair most of my life. I got a wild hair 😉 one day and chopped it off. Hated it! I realized I like the option to put it up. My daughter-in-law thought after our second grandson, she’d chop her hair off. Not long enough to put up during her workout. No bueno. She hated not being able to put it up. Tried to warn her, but we all have to try it once. Hair grows back thank goodness. So if u do do it and don’t like it….😎🤗❤️

Chopping all my hair off is the ultimate therapy

Taramisu says:

After a decade or so of longer hair I cut mine in 2005. I enjoyed my longer hair but honestly I wore it up 90% of the time, I would put it up in a scrunchie, I was doing the messy bun before it was a thing. Or I would do a braid, which I liked too. While I have missed my long hair once in a while, I have never regretted it to be honest. I am well into my 40s now so I would probably look stupid in long hair now. I like it short, don't really see myself going back to long hair now. I would check out Sharalee's Box of Chocolates channel, she is in her 40s but has a pixie, her hair is really cute! And there is a video called "I chopped my hair" a gal named Ava vlogged it, maybe check that out and see what you think! I am sure there are other videos out there to view before you decided. Hope this helps!

Lole-21 Ruff says:

I like your tan..😍

Glamour Anna says:

Loved this, I’ve recently done a similar video on my channel too & i always like to see what other people are enjoying! 💕

Carla Bryan says:

Yes would love to see a tutorial on products you talked about today😍 Omg I also bought those scrunches that Jaclyn Hill talked about and they are awesome!😆 Great video girl ! 😘

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