Skincare HACK You Need To Try

Skincare HACK You Need To Try

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12 thoughts on “Skincare HACK You Need To Try”
N.A says:

First like and comment🙋🙋

mam on my face pimple not stop coming… i try everything😭 give some tips…

Ajmira Bibi says:

I'll also try this skincare products

Mina Bokde says:


Arpita Saha says:

I already follow exactly this same routine for my dry skin too. It does wonders ❤
Apart from this, Thank you so much Shivangi. I have learnt almost everything from you about makeups. Thanks for your tutorials. Your recommendations and technique always works well for me. ❤❤❤
Lots of love from Kolkata❤😊

Bhatt Rb says:

Nail polish shade?

Kina cute says:

I so this with rose water works well

Nail paint name please

Emon Alom says:

Diiiii plz kese full coverage Foundation laga hae brush se ya puff se?????? Plz diii reply doooooo😭😭😭😭

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