Sigma Beauty New Mod Palette + New Blushes, Bronzers, and Highlighters | Makeup Tutorial

Sigma Beauty New Mod Palette + New Blushes, Bronzers, and Highlighters | Makeup Tutorial


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Sigma Beauty NEW MOD Palette | Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!



My brush set has my 5 GO-TO eye makeup brushes! The set contains the E35, E25, E30, E21, and L05. This set is also 20% off the retail price!


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Rare Beauty eyeshadow primer

Sigma Beauty new mod palette (code ANGELABRIGHT to save)

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

NARS soft matte concealer

Kosas cloud set powder

Sigma blush – berry love (code ANGELABRIGHT to save)

Sigma bronzer – medium (code ANGELABRIGHT to save)

Sigma highlighter – savanna (code ANGELABRIGHT to save)

Sigma switch

The Bright Lashes – Au Natural

Kaja love swipe – I’m melting


Use code ANGELABRIGHT to save!
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E25 (blending brush)

Samantha Ravndahl brush set (shader crease, detail shader, detail blending, detail pencil, winged liner)

F78 (giant face brush – I used for setting powder)

F35 (blush brush)

F44 (bronzer brush)

F03 (highlight brush)


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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I always use the Rare Beauty eyeshadow primer ( and I set that with a translucent powder.



48 thoughts on “Sigma Beauty New Mod Palette + New Blushes, Bronzers, and Highlighters | Makeup Tutorial”
Jale Beecham says:

I love how up close your camera is when you film your eyes!

i loveeee watching your videos. they’re so inspiring. you’re inspiring. 💜💜💜

I need those smaller brushes! 😮

Kim Hsiang says:

Beautiful! Sigma are doing so great with their makeup products! I enjoy a glowy blush too. I have never found the perfect one. I'd like to try the Huda glowish one. You have that right? Or am I going nuts? 🤔 xxx

Jeannine T. says:

You are the blending queen! You have such patience doing your eye makeup and the blending makes a huge difference!

I'm going to have to try this look!Loving my Mod palette ❤I love my Au Naturel lashes! I will be ordering others!They are a GREAT price and I also found the lash adhesive u use!

lynn kadilis says:

I have both blush palettes from Sigma and the pigment is fabulous and it lasts all day long. I never have to touch it up throughout the day!! They r my favorite 😍

To all those who are watching this video " May your have the day you deserve " ❤️

Jessica says:

Hi Angela!! LOVE this look! I cannot wait to recreate these!! Also I tried messaging you on telegram but didn't hear back from you. Is there another way I can message you? I have been waiting for the collection to come in the mail everyday since the giveaway lol I am so freaking excited!!! Thank you so so so much again!! 💕 You're amazing and I just love your videos.

shy.tack says:

Ooh I just ordered yours and Sam’s brushes! Love seeing them in action

Linnea Burns says:

This eyeshadow palette is so gorgeous and so is this look

Jill Starkel says:

Thanks for the help. I def have to get the brush you use for bronzer! I don't have that one… I'm shocked 😂. Me-akways learning. You -always teaching😊💋

Kerri Kelly says:

You and your makeup always look stunning! You NEVER look muddy! Don’t listen to assholes! 💖

Hi Angela , you create beautiful looks and you make it so easy to recreate so thank you ! Hugs ❤🌺

Jem Sopp says:

I love this collection! Great look! 😍

This came out STUNNING Angela 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ Morphe has a brush like that black one, I got in one of my subscription boxes it’s legit the same size maybe a tad fluffier! Thanks for sharing girl! Oh wanted to mention I’m still going strong with your lashes I bought the style AU NATUREL I’d say around October I’ve worn them AT LEAST 10-12 times and they are still looking brand new grrrrrl they are my favorites 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

lisha jayne says:

I will be getting this palette in July when my eyeshadow no buy is over!

Another pretty look!!!

Yes !!!! Thank you I just got the new mod pallete I been waiting on another video for another look . Love love love this pallet 💗💗💗

I NEED this palette!!! Love this look so much!!! This palette is so versatile and the color story is gorgeous! I have not done a cut crease in FOREVER and this is totally making me want to do one lol! More looks please lol

Love it I need that pallett xx

Omg Angela, I love the look you created. You look stunning 🤩 in all of the sigma products. I love the blush you picked. I like the brushes too as I have smaller eyes. Gorgeous girl !! Thank you 😽😀

Michelle A says:

Thank you for providing the tips as you create your eye looks. I learn so much from you!

M.C. says:


Muyyy lindos!!.Todos los maquillajes que t aplicas,Angela Me encanta esta paleta SIGMA..Mas tus looks que t haces tan preciosos.Un besito guàpa. 💜💜😍

Angie Reyes says:

Your makeup looks beautiful I would kill for that box ❤️ everything in it and the brushes 😍

Angie Reyes says:

So I'm I love ❤️ it all

Carla Bryan says:

Girl people are rude …. Your bronzer always looks great to me😍😘

Limi V says:

I can definitely see the difference between the light and medium bronzers, and for a pale skinned girl like me having these options is great. They should've added a shade after medium though, because there's a large difference there.
Your forehead looks fine to me. Always remember that most people don't look at your features as closely as you do so you'll always find flaws nobody else sees.

Jill Jones says:

You made me laugh when you said
looks to “Mediumeee”. Lol!! I wanna know how you got that whole. BOx of sigma?

When I wear like a red brown toned bronzer it looks muddy every time

Looking gorgeous 😍
Hi Angela can you share with me your hair colour as well please 😊
Not this one the before one like blonde one thank you

lisa evans says:

Your forehead is perfectly shaped and size for your face. We all are to harsh on our features and always has one feature we hate.

Kira Love says:

have you tried any farmasi products

Kiah Lopez says:

I still haven’t tried anything sigma!!

Dee Luther says:

💘Great Video as always💘
🤩Super Stunning thumbnail tho😍
Beyond Beautifully you are
💣Ur Makeup always Bomb💣
EnJoy the rest of your Great Week
Happy Fabulous Weekend Ahead

Dfed Dded says:

Your hair is vary beautiful 😍😍

Always luv your eye looks, love the New Mod Collection and Samantha's brush set, definitely product winners. Have a great day.🎨🖌️🆒🪞❣️👍

I didn't think I would be subscribing to a new influencer, I enjoyed this tutorial so much. Didn't resize I missed these type of videos. Looking forward to watching more.

Kalee Hanel says:

Do you have to have all these brushes to do the look? I'm learning and have a few brushes already

I love your tutorials. I always learn something new. You're so good at explaining what you do and why you do it. I appreciate it so much. ❤️

mollyjane01 says:

I freaking just bought this palette. Can’t wait to use!! Great video, Angela💗💗

Wow that’s very good video for tutorial. I really like it ✨

Lori Baker says:

I want this palette so bad, but I can't even afford L'OREAL! I do use their Telescopic mascara, but that's it.
I can tell on camera the difference between a more expensive palette and a very cheap one. I don't wear any shimmers during the day because they are too chunky and have too much fallout for daytime. I guess I'll start saving my pennies in hopes I'll have enough money for the next big Sigma sale! I live in a small town with only Walmart and 2 chain drug stores that are very expensive. It would be a dream if we ever got a Target, Ulta or Sephora!! I'll keep dreaming!

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