Sigma Beauty Magnifique Holiday Palette | Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

Sigma Beauty Magnifique Holiday Palette | Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Sigma Beauty magnifique eyeshadow palette

Haus Labs gel kohl liner – punk

The Bright Lashes – flutter


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E40 (fluffy blending brush)

E27 (small blending brush)

E30 (pencil brush)

L04 (tiny highlight brush)


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Use code ANGELABRIGHT for 10% off

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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (same one that I use under my eyes) and I set that with a translucent powder.



22 thoughts on “Sigma Beauty Magnifique Holiday Palette | Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial”

in love with that shade of purple! <3

Clarissa J says:

Is this a pallet they have released in the past? The whole thing looks totally familiar…maybe at Sephora?

Спасибо большое , красивые цвета 👍💕💕🌹🌸

Such a gorgeous look 👀 you’ve created beautiful 👌🏻💐💓

توايس says:

فديت جمالج 🥺❤️❤️

Kyleigh A says:

Your blending and overall technique is impeccable! You make the eyeshadow application process look so easy, and always flawless. I would love to see an unedited video of your application process, how long it takes and your overall complete process….. as much as it may be a pain in the ass….. but hey, less editing!
Keep up the amazing work, you are a true talented beauty! ❤

I'm not too much a fan of purples but you, Angela, made me want to wear purple shadow because of this look you just created! I was on a no buy, but you girl, really have the power to make me grab a palette just because you did a such a good job with the eye look! 😂

Myth is such a beautiful shade!

You kind of look like a young Lindsay Lohan after the look has been finished 😍

Amanda RN says:

I’m wondering where you got your necklace. I’ve been looking for a small evil eye necklace

Omg! Love this eyeshadow look! These colors make your eye color pop. So beautiful 🥰

Me encanto🙋‍♀️🤗🇵🇦😊🥰

Pamela H says:

I'm so happy that I picked up that palette! It's been really REALLY loved! Sigma's eyeshadow formula is amazing.

Zoe Zanon says:

I love your tattoo 🔝🔝🔝

Kiah Lopez says:

The palette is really pretty 💗

you remind me of kristen stewart 🤔

Its Tia! says:

Stunning! Thanks so much for this tutorial Angela!
I absolutely love Sigma, so I'm really interested in this Pallete.
Take care hun,
Love Tia 💘

I like it TOO, but not a big fan of matt colors sadly, but it looks good on you though!

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