Short Haircut with Bangs | Indian Haircut

Short Haircut with Bangs | Indian Haircut

She comes back to us for a shorter haircut and we thought it would be nice if we give her a bang too. Watch the video to know more.
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Nape shave video link:

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13 thoughts on “Short Haircut with Bangs | Indian Haircut”
HeadHome says:

Great! Always good to see the model in the mirror during the cut! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Naresh Ukey says:

Nape already shaved or just shave

Tappu B says:

Plz upload her neck shave video

Salar Sham says:

Would u like to share why u didn't shave her nape , despite the fact she nerdd it , moreover, please make nape shave mandatory for every hair cut or at least dont upload any haircut video without nape shave. If u dont mind

Hi everyone. Here is the link to her nape shave video:

Cancerian48 says:

She needs to have her hair cut even shorter.

Can you please show the hair falling on floor?


The bangs look great, but it’s still far too long!!
Put her back in the chair and finish the cut.
With her facial features she would look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS with a SHORT PIXIE CUT!!!πŸ’‡

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