Seriously just 9 days! This secret formula will make short weak nails grow long & strong as rock!

Seriously just 9 days! This secret formula will make short weak nails grow long & strong as rock!

This miraculous formula will make your nails grow really long and super strong if used regularly for 9 days…| how to grow long nails, strong nails, rock solid nails, fast nail growth, home remedy for fast nail growth

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35 thoughts on “Seriously just 9 days! This secret formula will make short weak nails grow long & strong as rock!”

Does it really work am going to try it

Marina Yang says:

That’s a powerful remedy love 💖 from USA 🇺🇸

suneeta Sonu says:

OMG!!!!! 😱 I just thought how can I grow my nails and ur notification popped 😲 🤗💕

kavitha V says:

Pls name the ingredients pls

Good tips.thank you for sharing

aditi mishra says:


Really l love you and your chanel. 😙

Woww didii fr ek videooo🐕🐕🐕 didi birthmrk kse remove hoga plz remdy batdo

Thank you Sneha for your video. Can you kindly share the link for the glass container which you showed in the video. Thank You.

Instead of essential oil and apricot what can we use ? Plz reply soon

Shipra Rohit says:

Much needed video…but can you plZ mention wat can be substituted for walnut oil


Such a miraculous remedy 👍

Zoe Salman says:

Thanks sneha really need this remedy thank u so much love u

rachika seth says:

my nails are long but they are so damn fragile, they break like crazy much needed thanks

Anon Reviews says:

My nails have indents and ridges, how do I get rid of them? They are imbedded in the nail

Hi dear very nice video 😘😘
Thanks for sharing pls check my insta msg I have sent u

Noor says:

Any substitute for apricot oil?

I think ur d only one showed this with results. Love.

Very nice & beautiful dear

bujji neeru says:

Hii any alternative for apricot oil

Ifrah Amjad says:

Instead of essential oil wht can be used ????

Mam please tell something easy for dark spots??? Can coconut oil with camphor will work for dark spots?

Hi diddi how can remove black spots me some.formula plc in hindi

Hello di
Meri skin savali hai. Or dry hai
Mene home remedy use ki to meri skin par pimples aa rahe hai and meri skin blck ho rahi hai plsss kuchh bataiye na skin white ke liye

I will try maam n tell u

Can i skip Apricot oil???

Sneha plz help me.. Can i use any other oil instead of apricot oil??

Can u tell me ,the alternate of apricot oil????????

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