Remove Tan, Pigmentation & Get Brighter Flawless Skin | My Ubtan Face Mask Routine

Remove Tan, Pigmentation & Get Brighter Flawless Skin | My Ubtan Face Mask Routine

Today I’m going to review Mamaearth’s Ubtan FaceMask. This product is SLS Free &  Paraben free.
One of the main ingredients, Saffron is known to clear spots and enhance skin complexion. Apricot oil firms and tones skin. Vitamin A and E present in this face mask, slow down the ageing process and soothe the skin.

Have fun watching this and be your own kind of beautiful XOXO
Mamaearth is the brand started by parents for parents. They are 100% plastic positive, recycle more plastic than they use.
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On my lips :

The shades I use in MAC Cosmetics-

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Shade: NC35

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Shade: NC40

Lenses : I have Astigmatism/Toric number in my eyes. The lenses I use are from a company called Celebration and the colour is Hip Hop Hazel. These are monthly disposable lenses. I get these numbered lenses made from my optician. Please consult your optician if you are planning to buy these. I’m not sure if without a number they are good to use.

DISCLAIMER : All the products that I recommend in my videos are the products which I personally like and use. I do not promote or give recommendations for any products which are of substandard quality or which I wouldn’t personally use or suggest to my family and friends. Please understand that everyone’s skin type is not the same, and every product reacts differently on different skin types. I always recommend a patch test before trying out any new skin care/makeup product.

Hi. If you guys are wondering who I am, let me introduce myself. I’m Shivangi Sharma, and I’ve been in the Indian Television industry for over 10 years now. I make these videos on our channel to share my knowledge on makeup that I have learnt over the years and because I LOVE MAKEUP. If these videos help you guys in any way, that makes my efforts a success. If you want to know more about my onscreen journey here is a Wikipedia link :


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37 thoughts on “Remove Tan, Pigmentation & Get Brighter Flawless Skin | My Ubtan Face Mask Routine”

Guys! Quick update, I’ve confused Bentonite Clay with Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) A few people pointed it out and I apologise for the goof up! However, Bentonite Clay is really good for the skin too, it pulls out the toxins and keeps your skin squeaky clean. Thank you to everyone for correcting that and again sorry for the confusion ❤️

Aarti Prasad says:

Is cream in black in colour . I ordered from flipkart n got black colour

kumar says:

Which face mask is better, mamaearth c3 face mask or mamaearth urbtan face mask????

Nikee Kumari says:

Pls do a review of forest essential ubtan sundrya

suman saha says:

Hey, is that tub made of plastic or it's a glass??
Can anyone pls tell me

Mamaearth ubtan face mask helps on my pigmentation remove tan and it's totally orgainc and a must buy product.

Mamaearth ubtan face mask which is very natural and helps in removing tan. .it is paraben free and chemical free. .it is hypoallergenic. .

Gurmeet Kaur says:

Mamaearth ubtan face mask is very effective and gives your skin glowing and brighten..I really like is suitable for all types of skin..

Mamaearth ubtan face mask is plastic positive and face mask makes my skin super fresh and glowing

Want to wash with lukewarm water or normal water

Can I use daily my marriage after 40 days

Sakshi Malik says:

Mamaearth ubtan face mask is really very effective. My skin is so dry but when I used this mask it really makes my skin feel fresh.

It helps to remove tan, pigmentation n makes skin smooth n hydrated.. must try

Navya Sharma says:

Mamaearth ubtan face mask helps to remove pigmentation.. remove dark spots n lighten skin tone or detan it… tried myself… muatctry out.. its awesome..

Mamaearth face mask is really nice. Its cooling effect calms the skin which is super amazing. It helps in skin lightening too. It’s a complete package!

Its an amazing product… with visible results… it detans skin n make it clear n helps get rid of pigmentation too… try it out

Megha Sharma says:

The mamaearth ubtan face mask is really amazing and effective… As it helps to get rid of dry skin and pigmentation… Must go for it

Fehmi Shamsi says:

Mama earth ubatn face is also an amazing products from Mama earth is really works they are chemical free.

Awesome product… mde my skin smooth n soft…. loved it…. worth buying… its value for money..

Seriously this ubtan is so good and my fav. It has no paraben which is best to cure my acne. my one and only best!!

Is it good for sensitive skin

Mamaearth ubtan face mask is really good . It makes my skin bright and glowing.loved it

Ritima Paul says:

I am personally using this Ubtan Face Mask. And it has made my skin brighter and flawless. Also helped in tan removal. I would personally recommend it.👌

Neha Sharma says:

Mamaearth neem face mask is so good. After using it skin feels so light and radiant. It is paraben free and i can use it on my acne prone skin.

Mamaearth ubtan face mask works really amazing…
It reduces pigmentation and makes the skin soft also…😍

Rashi Paul says:

This Mamaearth ubtan face mask for skin lightening and brightening removes dead skin cells, giving way to glowing skin…lightens skin tone by removing sun tan and damage caused due to pollution…

Nice product… really works… tried mamaearth face wash too.. satisfied with the results…

This is a very good face mark. This made my face very beautiful and Pimple also moved. Is a natural product. Takes effect very quickly.

Mamaearth Ubtan Face Mask is amazing It makes my skin soft and smooth

Farha Naaz says:

I have acne prone skin can i use it plz give suggestion

I just wanted to know can this help for oily skin and pimples

Ileana X says:

I used it once and it made a big difference plus it looks like it’ll last a while. I ordered three boxes for £9 each so £27 in total to the UK. It’s completely worth it though and is better than amy expensive mask.

hello ma'am iam your new subscriber. i watch your videos coz of ur great speaking skill. you are also beautiful naturally and i love you because of your honesty. lots of love 4m Assam. keep it up and wish you a bright future ahead. xoxo

Oily skin ke liye use kar sakte hai

Jab ye mask use karna chod te to kya side effects deta hai….
Like dull or dark complexion???

My face small pimple I can use this mask

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