Melona-F Crystolite Pharmaceuticals

Melona-F Crystolite Pharmaceuticals


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Melona-F provides the maximum daily protection to the skin against aging, that may causes signs of aging as fine lines, discoloration and winkles. It not only help to get rid of hyperpigmentation but also strengthen blood vessels, prevents damage and stimulate collagen synthesis.Free radicals are attacking the skin every day in many conditions. Melona-F contains a high concentration of L.Ascorbic Acid. It neutralized free radicals at all layers of the skin before they damage skin cells & accelerate skin ageing. DNA damages leading to dark circles and faster skin ageing are visibly reduced.

Pigmentation defects are caused by melanin, a natural dark pigment present into the skin. The high concentration of pure L.Ascorbic acid in Melona-F inhibits the tyrosinase activity resulting in a fast anti long lasting whitening effect. Malona-F blends complexion by reducing pigmented spots and prevent from the appearance of the new spots. The Vitamin B5 helps to reduce transepidermal water loss by increasing moisture content within the skin and reduce UV multiced damages. The Vitamin anti-elastic production offering anti-ageing properties.



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