Hi-Tone Facewash

Hi-Tone Facewash


HITON Whitening Face Wash

Cleanses the skin efficiency and gives a radiant fairness

Exposure to harmful sun rays and pollution damages the skin and dulls the glow of the face.

Daily stress deteriorates all this and leads to clogged pores,tan lines and blotcy skin.

*Deeply cleanses pores,giving the clear,blemish-free comlexion

*Excellent antioxident and tyrosinase inhibitory activities

*Maintains skin’s natural moisture level without clogging pores

*Moisturises the skin,leaving it soft and supple

*Suitable for all skin types

Bengkoang is a special of genus pachyrizus and grows in south East Asia and has been used as one of traditional cosmetics for sunscreen and whitening cosmetics.Actipone BengKoang is an extract obtained from plant Pachyrrhizus erosus.It contains isoflavonoids which show excellent antioxidents and tyrosinase inbibitory activities.

Brief Prescribing Information

INGREDIENTS:Actipone BengKoang(Pachyrrhizus erosus root extract).

INDICATIONS:Face wash for skin whitening.

CONTRAINDICATIONS:Known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the produc.

DIRECTIONS:Aplly on wet skin of face.Gently massage the foam on the skin and then Rines off with water.Use twice per day or as often as required.

AVAILABLITY:HITON Whitening Face Wash is available in 150ml bottle

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