Lotion, smooth thick liquid like cream preparation designed to be applied to the skin for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.

What kind of lotion do you use on your skin.
Some skincare products, such as sunscreen and moisturizer, may be available in multiple formats, such as lotions, gels, creams, or sprays.
Calamine lotion is used to treat itching. Dermatologists can prescribe lotions to treat or prevent skin diseases.

 Lotion, a thick, liquid which design to apply to the skin for beauty purposes. online Beauty Creams and Lotions. 100% Original.

consist of liquids gelled by suitable gelling agents.
best antifungal cream, available for numerous skin conditions. Stands out for its waterproof formula that contains 2% Miconazole to treat fungus and zinc oxide to sooth skin.

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Before using any cream, think about few questions:
Which brand is best for face cream?
best for daily face cream?

What should I use for glowing skin?
which is the best whitening face cream? .
best face cream for wrinkles?

And the Ultra Moisture In-Shower Lotions is an innovative formula that goes on while you’re still in the shower.

best whitening , oily and dry skin. cracked heel cream also available on Alluraz

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