Lip balm or lip salve is a wax-type substance, we use to the lips as balm to moisturize and relieve chapped or dry lips, or cold sores.

Lips balm often contains beeswax or carnauba wax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin, and petrolatum, among other ingredients.

Some varieties of lips balm contain dyes, flavor, fragrance, phenol, salicylic acid, and sunscreen.

The primary purpose of balm is to provide an occlusive layer on the lip surface to seal moisture in lips and protect them from external exposure.

Dry air, cold temperatures, and wind all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body. so use balm

Lips are particularly vulnerable because the skin is so thin,

At night, apply lipsbalm for dry lips or switch over to an overnight lip mask to deliver intensive moisture.

consist of liquids gelled by suitable gelling agents.
best antifungal cream, available for numerous skin conditions. Stands out for its waterproof formula that contains 2% Miconazole to treat fungus and zinc oxide to sooth skin.

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Before using any balm, think about few questions:
Which brand is best for lips?
best for daily lipbalm?

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