Hey Guys!
So this is a quick day and night #oilyskincare routine that will help you convert oily skin to normal skin in a complete natural way, with simple #oilyskintips

Discussed today:
Oily skin face mask/ face wash
oily skin toner
Oily skin moisturiser
How to hydrate oily skin
Other tips for oily skin care

Products used:
Multani mitti – https://amzn.to/2IKvgAP

Mama earth Moisturizer
Use code MEARTH20 for 20% off at mamaearth.in
Website: http://bit.ly/2Y04iuh
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XVGaca
Nykaa: http://bit.ly/2xhdu1k


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28 thoughts on “Oily Skin Care Routine _ CONVERT OILY SKIN TO NORMAL SKIN”
Alizeh Dar says:

This really works ..My mother said this to apply on a daily basis although i did not add turmeric it was only sandalwood powder and multani mitti. My face was so oily but trust me after using this my skin never got too much oily again ❤❤

Isha Ziya says:

Can I use olive oil as moisturizer

Isha Ziya says:

Which sunscreen can I use which does not leave white cast

I too have oily skin and have tried rose water..but it never suits me..like never..and neither the "multani mitti"

Hey guys you all can check my channel 🤓🤓🤗🤗

Iza Khan says:

Speaking in Urdu plzz

Hai pls tel me oily skin sunscreen ..skin brightened. ..

Jyoti says:

I'm saying honestly…..i watched 7,8 videos of popular youtubers for the same mentioned subject….but it is the best among them..nd that's why i immediately came here to say this….. TQ SO MUCH ❤️Di

Please upload dry skin routine….

Most realistic routine 🙌🏻❤️

She is here giving you all skincare advice but I don't think she has really nice skin, I mean like it's not glowy and all, the person who is giving the skincare advice should have good skin themselves. I don't know why people even believe what she says. Another thing, she is recommending to apply all these products, is she a dermatologist? has she done a course about it? The answer is NO!
Also: she is telling diys on her channel which are bad for your skin, trust me. I am saying it because the diys she recommends contain lemon, coffee and other things which are harmful for your skin. DIY skincare is not good for your skin.
If you really want to learn about skincare, watch hyram, Robert welsh, Susan yada (they all are skincare specialist who have a YouTube channel)
Instead watching this channel which has misleading titles (like how to change your skin type, which is not possible) and has DIY skincare recipes which can completely ruin your skin, watch the channels that I mentioned. She's just a woman trying to trick people into buying stuff from a company of which she has sponsorship of. This comment may seem bit rude & most people will see this as hate but trust me, this woman doesn't know a shit about skincare. Please don't watch this YouTube channel.

rocks ns says:

That face pack daily can we used r not

rocks ns says:

Hi dr is ur skin type is also oily to combination r not

Sara Mehwish says:

I think this the best skincare I have ever seen thanks a lot 😃😃😃

Prachi Lamba says:

U can use Mamaearth’s charcoal face wash also. It removes oil snd dirt from my face and I love using it. Its so gentle. Must try it

Hiii can I use skincraft products. Plz suggest me a good moisturizer and vitamin c serum with low cost

And a good cleaner as well

Hi.. am unable to see the multani mitti. When I'm trying to open URL, it re-directs to amazon home page, but not the particular product. Other brands aren't at all working on my skin as they leave pimples whenever I use them. Prachi mam, please tell me the brand name here.

Vijay Singh says:

I don't know why the hell…. Multani mitti, aloevera gel and gulabjal doesn't suits me

Supper ഞാനൊരു പാവം മലയാളി 🤩😍😍😘😘😍

Hi prachi didi,
I literally love your videos 🙂
Please do a video on skincare for school girls or 13 to 15 yr olds…
And please make it as affordable as possible..

reshmi das says:

Which sunscreen u did not mentioned or showed

reshmi das says:

On the other video u said not to use aloevera and in this video u r saying use aloevera I'm simply not understanding… I have oily senstive acne prone skin

Ayubeat says:

Hi, I too have oily skin. I have been using bioderma sebium gel moussant face wash. It has worked for me to reduce my oily skin. You can also try if you want

Godsy Joseph says:

Which toner is good for oily skin

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