NEW Natasha Denona All Neutral Biba Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial

NEW Natasha Denona All Neutral Biba Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial

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MAC soft ochre paint pot

Natasha Denona neutral biba eyeshadow palette

Makeup Geek retractable eyeliner – brown

Benefit roller lash mascara

Tatti Lashes – TL17


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E25 (tapered blending brush)

E30 (pencil brush)


How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes

BEST Eye Makeup Brushes for Hooded Eyes

Eyebrow Routine


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What camera and lens do you record with?
I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens for my close ups. For full face, I use the 18-55mm lens.

What eye primer do you use?
I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Are you using a filter in your videos?
HELL NO. I adjust the aperture when I’m filming and it is part of every DSLR camera. Look into it.

Where is the rest of your face?
It’s there. Don’t worry 😉



26 thoughts on “NEW Natasha Denona All Neutral Biba Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial”

This is my favorite palette of hers. I also have the new metropolis palette but honestly I like how this one is a bit more easier to use. I can use this for any occasion and any season. I found this video looking for some looks using it especially a smokey eye look.

Hend Hasan says:


Pam Wade says:

Beautiful 🧡🧡

I really couldn't see myself spending over 100 bucks for a pallet but I would like to try her formula I'm gonna try the small ones of hers for 25.00 and see if I like it


Erica Conger says:

I love neutral palettes… this looks amazing! My struggle is with gray shadows. I'm not sure why but when I use grays I usually end up looking like I got in a fight. Lol! Do you have any tips on using grays?

wooow so beautiful

You have such beautiful eye color!

Bichonmom R says:

looks like naked heat palette

YEESS a good eye look with an expensive eyeshadow palette and someone who doesn't use only Sonya G brushes lol because I'm broke and I can't afford 24 dollar pencil brushes

This looks beautiful on you, love watching your make up videos thank you for all your hard work!

Sarah Frost says:

Where can you get the brushes?? With the numbers she says
new at this

Alicia Maria says:

Please can you do more looks with the biba pallet I love this pallet it’s my favourite everyday eyeshadow pallet but I never know what to do with mine

I keep watching your tutorials on Natasha denning palettes , and then go to sephora and buy them. Day before yesterday I watched your tutorial on metropolis ,and I ended buying it along with the bronze one , today I bought the neutral one , and if I don’t stop watching these videos , my wallet will SHRINK AND SCREAM 😪😪. But all kidding aside you’re one marvelous makeup artist that I learned a lot from . Truly thaaanks for uploading all these wonderful videos ♥️♥️

Sorry , but one more thing ,I’d really appreciate it if you could do more tutorials on this palette , the bronze and the metropolis . If it isn’t too much to ask ♥️♥️.

Barbara says:

It's expensive, but in my opinion it's better to have one good one than 20 cheap of a poor quality

Hanie Puteri says:

Exactly what im looking for. Thank you for sharing this loookkk. Its gorgeous 😍😍

Icey I says:

Heya, can you do more tutorials with his palette?

sweetlemon56 says:

The tutorial I needed in my life, you explained everything perfectly 😍 thank you so much, I did it today.

Marie Solis says:

Very nice colors!! Really like the browns and black together!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!! Willing to buy it too!!! 💖😍😄🌹

Angela B says:

Biba palette is gorgeous and so easy to use. It's one of her best I think. Love your look!

At almost $9 a shadow it had better be magical. I was able to find a BNIB for $6.5 each so I went for it.

Biba was a famous High street HIP clothing store where Freddie Mercury first met Mary Austin and shyly asked her for a date. Brian discussed this in various interviews. Freddie viewed her as his common law wife and despite his later gay escapades they remained close until his death in 1991. He left her his home at Garden lodge and the bulk of his fortune. Freddie was her first born sons God parent. She avoids public for the most part but has helped keep his legacy alive. I can’t wait to get my brushes in this palette.

DarDar says:

Can we have more biba palette looks 😊

I was looking for reviews on this palette I’m so happy I found it on my best ytuber eye shadow look
Omg looks stunning Definitely I choose the right palette. Worth every single penny
I only own 1 shadow palette and I was looking to add a stunning great best quality one so this is it.

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