New Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial

New Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette – topaz obsessions

Tarte double take eyeliner (this sucked don’t buy it)

House of Lashes iconic


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E35 (fluffy blending brush)

E47 (small tapered brush)

E56 (medium flat synthetic packing brush)

E21 (small smudge brush)

L04 (small highlighting brush)


How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes

BEST eye makeup brushes for hooded eyes

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

Brow routine

How I apply fake lashes


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Are those your natural lashes? How do they look so good?
Check out this video 

What camera and lens do you record with?
I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens. I use 2 soft boxes and a ring light for lighting.

What eye primer do you use?
I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Where is the rest of your face?
It’s there. Don’t worry 😉



50 thoughts on “New Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial”

I need you to make more tutorials with the Morphe 39A and the Morphe 35M. You inspire me so much!

Naomi Lasby says:

Angela I enjoy your tutorials so much! I love the eye looks you do they are totally my style and you explain so well and we can see what you are doing. And we have similar eyes shapes and hair/eyes/skin tone so I dig you girl, will def keep watching!

Tia Hyman says:

Beautiful look!! ❤

yensid says:

Hey Angela, I really enjoy watching your videos for inspiration & tips to use my eyeshadow palettes in new ways. Thank you! Decided to tryout some Sigma brushes through your links & used your code. Thank you again!

Angela! Would you please review the wants palette by make up revolution? A too influencer seemed to sabotage her application of the colors. I would really appreciate and believe your honest opinion. Thank you.

Raisinbrooke says:

Sooo pretty 😍😍

Amy Ralls says:

Another fabulous look, Angela! I love these colors!! I noticed a little red spot on your eyelid — did you get burned from wax that was too hot!

Angela, I've said this before but I just LOVE your videos! I love that your eye is so close to camera and all your different choices on looks. Please don't ever stop uploading videos!!

I love your videos because I feel you actually teach me how to improve my techniques especially for me since I have hooded eyes like you. Thanks for your amazing channel.

misssimmi2 says:

Absolutely gorgeous as usual 😍

I love it, you are awesome Angela. Beautiful

Can I just say that your blending skills are on point?? Even when you don't like a look you do, I think it's amazing. Girl you got talent.

Nga Ho says:

Can you please do some looks on Huda desert dust palette 🤗🤗

Dang it Angela, I was trying to be good! Now I need this palette 😩😩😩😍😂💕

Ugh! You always seem to do the most beautiful, yet wearable looks, that I can usually recreate- with practice!!

maggycol says:

Stunning! I'm kinda happy that huda palettes are not sold in Colombia! 😅 Can you please do a tutorial with the too faced chocolate gold palette? 🙂🙂

YOLO says:

I don’t want to support huda idk why

Guy Smiley says:

Gorgeous! 😍 Your eyes, stunning! 💖 I don't have this palette but I do have a lot of these colors. Can't wait to recreate this look! 😉 As always, thank you so much for another great tutorial! 😙😙 Xoxo, Paula 🌹

Perfect as usual! your gorgeous eyes can make any eye makeup looks simply stunning. 🕊

Sofia ciro says:

I have learned so much from your tutorials. Keep them coming and don't change the format!

Shobi Pillai says:

i love how your videos are short and straight to the point. and the way you combine the colours and blend them in, just inspires me.

They still make these… Lol

LOVE these videos 🙂 I've tried to find someone with hooded eyes doing shadow for so long and I'm so happy I stumbled across your channel

Beautiful…and those tone colors are so fall oriented.

Please the other precious stones palette I would love to see what looks you come up with

Could you do some videos on the sapphire and emerald ones ?? 😍😍😍😍 I love your videos omg

So beautiful Angel! 😍 Looks lovely on you. 💛
These mini palettes are such a wonderful pop of color. 😃💕
Can't wait for the other Mini palettes soon. 😁❤

Ada Smith says:

I really love that you mention all the brushes that you use for the look… You are an amazing makeup 💄 artist 🙌🙌

Ba Be says:

Wow your eye color is sooooo beautiful

I just bought this today because of your tut. Every look you do is insanely gorgeous!

I bought this palette today after eying the green and blue ones, I decided this one was more practical, and I love your tutorial! This looks like it could lean a bit coral so I might take that one off my loves list…

Carol Rojas says:

My favorite makeup 😍💟

Your eyes look like diamonds

Ina Bogdani says:

Hello !! your video is amazing and very helpful .I have one question.I have green eyes .do you think that I should buy "topaz" or "mauve " ? I can't afford both of them so I have to choose one , but it's hard to choose :/

Can you link the tarte pencil eyeliner ?! I love

kenda hk says:

Beautiful look that' s my fav 😍

I have this palette ….you make it look so easy im.terrible at doing eyeshadow lol….very pretty tho 😘

Radmila uh says:

I have the same eyeshadow palette however, when I try to recreate this look the colour of the shadows you used are not as vibrant and the lightest colour comes out as a base for me . Can you please give me tips on making the eyeshadow have more pigment payoff x

Best look I’ve seen with this palette so far

Jackie Walsh says:

I just received both the topaz and ruby palette. Do you think you could do a couple more looks with both palettes? I’m looking for inspiration

Cajmere says:

Idk why u don’t have millions of views. I love how you get right into it cus most ppl have to babble for 5 mins b4 even starting

Emily Medler says:

Super beautiful! I would love to have this pallet!

Christyn M. says:


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