NEW ColourPop Of Quartz Palette | Cool Toned Gray Eyeshadow Tutorial

NEW ColourPop Of Quartz Palette | Cool Toned Gray Eyeshadow Tutorial

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ColourPop Of Quartz eyeshadow palette

The Bright Lashes – twenty four


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E25 (blending brush)

E27 (small blending brush)

E55 (lid brush)

E30 (pencil brush)


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Use code ANGELABRIGHT for 10% off

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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (same one that I use under my eyes) and I set that with a translucent powder.



31 thoughts on “NEW ColourPop Of Quartz Palette | Cool Toned Gray Eyeshadow Tutorial”
Jennifer K says:

The grey shadows make your blue eyes pop:))))Jenxoxoxox!😁😂😊

Damn, I'd give my right arm for your eyes… hot!!!😎

Always beautiful. They definitely look good on blue eyes

I usually don't like grey tone eyeshadows since I have strong warm undertone, but the palette looks amazing!

Strongly prefer cool tones so thanks for a cool toned look. This is sooo gorgeous absolutely stunning on your blue eyes but the look itself is definitely doable on any eye color. Beautiful!

Jill Starkel says:

Hi Angela and friends! You are so completely stunning! Love this look! I am a warm toned lady and I wish I could pull this look off. The technique is so helpful. Thank you 💜

chow3231 says:

Girl, that’s beautiful!

Ifaz Niyaz says:

Looking beautiful 😘

These colors look so nice with your beautiful blue eyes!!

Khitai 82 says:

It’s almost like the Morphe Smoke palette

fariha islam says:

Fun fact : the other day i was looking up one of your bluey green eyemakeup looks. My boyfriend was next to me and as i was typing on my keyboard , i literally just typed " ang" and he goes "another angela bright marathon ? Less gooo" LOLL i dont know why that cracked me up so badd and happy !!!!!! Goshh haha
Anywayss thanks angela for your awesome contents!!

Your eyes makeup very beautiful 😍


Love this look and your eyebrows are bomb

Angie Smith says:

Love this look!! Recreating it today! Would love to see you do more looks with it too!! This palette is beautiful😍😍

Chaz Hughes says:

Does anyone know if these bigger pans are the same size as mac eyeshadows?

J Wag says:

Thank you for creating a relaxing song with your tutorial. Everyone is using ridiculous, crap rap in the background that it's annoying to watch and listen.
You, my friend, make your tutorials calm, fun, relaxing and enjoyable to watch. Thank You!

Gerel Matta says:

Love love your beautiful look. What a great idea to show how to do a look on one eye I see you do this a lot in your channel. I usually do a full face and girl it’s a lot of work and so sad to take it all off lol you are inspiring me to try this and hopefully be able to upload a bit more. Thank you gorgeous! You are super talented.

Tammy says:

Really beautiful! 💕

You’re the third makeup demo can I have watched and they all do the lashes off camera. Why?

I never do smokey eye. I'm no good at it. I always do colorful looks. 🌈

Angela, I recreated your eye look, and this is pretty close. I love your tutorials.

Water Is Wet says:

I love this pallete as a girl who also loves geology. Just so you know, SiO2 isn't pronounced "seo", it's actually the chemical symbol for silicon dioxide, what quartz is made of. So, you'd just say the letters.

Sun Flower says:

Soooo beautiful! Amazing how talented you are!

Are your eyes blue? They look almost grey to me, very gorgeous.

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