Neutral Cut Crease Eyeshadow With a Pop of Pastel Tutorial | ColourPop Bare Necessities

Neutral Cut Crease Eyeshadow With a Pop of Pastel Tutorial | ColourPop Bare Necessities




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ColourPop bare necessities palette

ABH magic touch concealer

Sigma switch

Haus Labs gel kohl eyeliner – punk

Natasha Denona pastel palette

The Bright Lashes – au naturel


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E25 (blending brush)

E27 (small blending brush)

L05 (cut crease brush)

E54 (lid brush)

E21 (smudge brush)


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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I always use the Rare Beauty eyeshadow primer ( and I set that with a translucent powder.



37 thoughts on “Neutral Cut Crease Eyeshadow With a Pop of Pastel Tutorial | ColourPop Bare Necessities”

I really need to practice cut creases again after seeing this beautiful look 😍

Thank you for showing a simpler way of doing this look. I have tried over and over to get it right but now I can after seeing this and trying it. So beautiful and gorgeous!! Blessings from east Tn. Hope your furbaby is doing ok also.

alivimia says:

The Bare Necessities is one of my favorite palettes of all times ❤️

40racquel says:

Hi, can I ask you what the secret of doing the left eye? My eyes never seem to match and doing the left eye is so hard especially when you make the little circles.

نادره says:

الميكب تبعك روعه 🌹❤ بحبك 😍❤

Yayyy!!! I've been waiting for you to do a tutorial with this palette. And I love every tutorial you do, but I've missed your neutral tutorials. And I got your sigma brushes in the mail yesterday! It makes my day when I get notifications when you do a tutorial. You are so talented, & amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩

It's so refreshing to see a neutral cut crease. It looks so natural and just gorgeous on you. Kinda toned down for you. Enjoyed this video. Like I said stunning.❣️❗💄👍💙

You make it look way too easy and it’s not😩

are you planning on doing any tutorials with the colourpop Winnie the Pooh palette? you always create such beautiful looks that are simple to achieve! 💗🌻

Patsy P says:

Love the look.

love this !!!! so pretty 😍

Demi says:

Yaaaaaaaassssss!!!! I’ll definitely try this! You’re a queen, Angela 💯🙌🏼

Wow. I totally try this eyelook ♥️💖. You are amazing ❤️.

Keep these types of videos coming your so talented!!!!!!! By the way Samantha march raves about your half lashes on her last video!!

Amy Fincham says:

Can you do a look with their rock candy pallet. I have that and have no idea what to do with it

OH HELL YES!! She is bringing back the cut crease in a 2022 manner!!

I find the hardest part of doing a cut crease is getting the shape. What helped me the most was beginning by taking the darkest shade on an eyeliner brush, or itty-bitty pencil brush, and drawing the shape with a line. Once that’s done, you’re off and running!

bethpat9 says:

you are s so talented!! Love this and love your detailed instructions!❤!❤!

Md babul says:

This is so pretty look 😍😍 and gorgeous ❤

40racquel says:

Have you ever used an eye concealer?

Love this look! So pretty on you!

Sheila Hall says:

@angelabright what color is the Anastasia concealer?

Ok wait question: does this look go with a emerald green dress??

lexifmakeup says:

Love this look! Love this palette!!

力静蕾 says:

Love the mint shimmer inner eye corner! I used to do that as well a while back, you inspired me to try it again! <3

Kelly Nicole says:

Love 💗 this it’s very natural miss the old cut crease’s!

Erocka says:

Gorgeous! You are so freakin talented!

Braa Saka says:

اريد ان اتابعك على انستغرام ماهو حسابك جميلتي

Jill Jones says:

That look is perfect. I love the way your adding some greenish colors. Thanks for inspiration

Nasim Amini says:

😍so beautiful

omg yay! I’ve been waiting for you to do a look with this palette!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

I hope you try the Rock Candy palette! It’s so beautiful.

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