Natural Makeup v/s No Makeup #shorts

Natural Makeup v/s No Makeup #shorts

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17 thoughts on “Natural Makeup v/s No Makeup #shorts”

Love u so much 💓💓💓💓

Which blush and concealer did you use?


ann pereira says:

nice. pls make a full vedio for natural makeup

Even if I try this, then also my eyelids become messy after I spray the makeup fixer. Any suggestion for that please?

Md Shaheen says:

True fact:With or without makeup you looking fabulous✨

I need an Indian person to do the viral passport makeup

Gonna do this from now onwards ❤️

I started this type of makeup after learning from your videos. This kind of videos of yours are very much useful for people who need to travel on daily basis to office. Thank you so much for these Lovely makeup tutorial. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

even without make up u r looking good, u just need masacara and lipgloss

ann pereira says:

pls tell me what are the products you used??? concealer name and the powder name and lipstic colur

mansi sharma says:

Lipstick n blush?

without makeup you look gorgeous…and with you look gorgeous as well…flawless makeup…

Wow, it looks similar just a little better

Both look are very beautiful ❤️ diii 🤗

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