Natasha Denona Biba Palette DUPE! | Alter Ego Sahara Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Biba Palette DUPE! | Alter Ego Sahara Eyeshadow Palette

Alter Ego Sahara palette – use code ANGELA10 to save 10%!

Yayy another dupe video! Today we are duping the Natasha Denona Biba palette with the Alter Ego Sahara palette! You’ll be surprised by how well these shadows compare

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Alter Ego Sahara palette – use code ANGELA10 to save 10%!

Natasha Denona biba eyeshadow palette

Huda Beauty lipstick – first kiss


Use code ANGELABRIGHT to save!
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E35 (fluffy blending brush)

E25 (tapered blending brush)

E68 (shadow eyeliner brush)

L04 (tiny highlighting brush)

E21 (small smudge brush)

This video is sponsored by Alter Ego.

Music by ninjoi. – Foolish Heart [Thematic Exclusive] –


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26 thoughts on “Natasha Denona Biba Palette DUPE! | Alter Ego Sahara Eyeshadow Palette”
Luba Zak says:

I think the Natasha Denona is more pigmented and the shimmers are less chunky which gives a more subdued sophisticated look. I have the BIBA pallet but I have bought most of my Natasha Denona either on sale or gently used on Mercari. I just sanitize them with 70% alcohol spray. Mercari frequently has pallets in new condition as well.

Kat T says:

Do you have a coupon code for the Alter ego pallet?

Allison Love says:

BEYOND appreciative that you’re giving beautiful tutorials on BIBA. Too time poor to come up with my own looks 😬 so please please keep them coming 👏💕.

M Alba says:

Beautiful…just in time for Fall….. xoxox

This makeup look is so flattering on you ♥️

I love this look! It’s super pretty and wearable! If you’re taking requests….I really need to see a gray look. I just don’t know what to pair with it, placement, etc. thx!!

Girl…you are bad for my wallet 🙂

I wonder if I can recreate this look with the lunar beauty Greek godess pallet??? But I really do want to get one of those pallets it's so beautiful

Muy chulo el look,lo voy a recrear con mis paletas 😚

That lipstick is gorgeous on you.

Definitely know which one I'd choose!! Here's a hint….I'll be going enjoying a date night with the leftover $ 😉

Mr Muscle says:

you are crazy talented! So pretty

J Gumm says:

Super sad they don't ship to Canada. Angela… help them get on it!!!!

D. A. says:

Like ur videos alot
Can u tell me plz whats the color and brand of ur lenses

Dey NM says:

I LOVE this look, and I really love your lashes! If I were ever to use lashes I’d definitely use those. Oh and I have to thank you for all these amazing videos, I have hooded eyes too and came across some of your hooded eyes videos and subscribed

I am a new subscriber and not your "demographic" LOL!! I found you lwhile looking for reviews of Tati's pallete, I already owned it and was having issues with it. Thanks very informative info and was surprised that both you and Mel Thompson felt as I did. So now based on your talent of blending eyeshadow like a Queen, I found myself ordering the Sahara pallete, just feeling done with $$$ palletes. Can't wait to get it.

Pattyann says:

You won’t even notice but I’m following as you’re eyes are light as are mine and your voice is 👍

camry34 says:

Absolutely beautiful look. 👍🏽👏🏾👏🏾 I love the fade of light to dark.

Vicki Noble says:

Girl…WEAR THAT LIPSTICK. It's very pretty on you and compliments your skin tone beautifully. ♥️

Nikki V says:

I just bought three Alter Ego palette tonight. I can’t wait to try them. I just couldn’t justify spending that much on palettes when there is an affordable option. 🥰

Angie C says:

I can’t wait to try this palette! I own 2 other alter ego palettes (goddess and temptress) and they are superb quality. I reach for them over my other palettes, even more than my color pop

I'm going to say my right due to that's the hand your holding the dupe in. LOL LETS SEE IF MY CHEATING IS RIGHT 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣.
Your very good with all your videos and I love these types. You go girlie. 💖❤💞
BTW:: I use your name all the time on anything that you have your code on mainly sigma I just hope you get what it is you're entitled to. I guess yall can tell i hope anyways. 💖
Duhhh im a goofball. Yes it is correct on my side however if I was facing you looking out it would be left dupe YALL GET IT LMAO

Lyran 28 says:

uh huh FALL OUT!! Thats why a better quality eye shadow shouldnt have that awful annoying fall out!! uugggghh!!!!!

Clarissa J says:

It just goes to show u how much high end brands mark up their products. I do realize Natasha Denona is going to have a few higher end ingredients but I'm sure it's not $115 worth of ingredients… I still wish I could afford Natasha Denona and Pat Mcgrath

Tiani ortiz says:

I love ND but all the altar ego pallets I’ve tried has been bomb and I am so glad they are doing this I hope they continue I will buy every Dupe they make Save a little money and not have to always buy it from Natasha Denona

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