My Skin Got BAD After Trying Cheap Makeup | New Vanity Tour #VLOG

My Skin Got BAD After Trying Cheap Makeup | New Vanity Tour #VLOG

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37 thoughts on “My Skin Got BAD After Trying Cheap Makeup | New Vanity Tour #VLOG”
Bhatt Rb says:

Honestly I said I don't like dupe word, ,,, see high end brand have some standard, of course, lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury and Swiss beauty … No comparison… CT lipstick is worth it,

How sweet❤ shiwangi

Happened with me too when I tried cheap trending makeup on Nykaa.. And it was during last year in Durga Puja🥺 took me 5-6 months to recover. And now I do not use anything apart from my holy grail favorite products, no experiment!🙏🏻

Vasudha says:

Seen notification so lately btw vlog is nice and it's useful coz many people use low quality makeup which can harm their skin..

Payal says:

Are you married??

Why is this video so out of topic for most of the time…like right from the start and throughout as well

Dii , l wanna ask if kay beauty products are of good quality? I am actually planning to buy the eyeshadow and compact. As it is a drugstore, I want your suggestion if they will be good choice to buy.

Ma Mi says:

Wow, I'm really eager to see your art stuff

Nidhi Gupta says:

Hey beautiful ❤️ put a video on sunscreen 🙂 please 🥺

Farha Fatima says:

Wow so simple and good..and you are showing the real skin without makeup that's very good beautiful. And give reviews of mama Earth products maam

Hotcake🧋 says:

Biggest fan here, Ma'am 🙌🏻

Milli G says:

Price has absolutely Nothing to with quality but Ofcourse ingredient does. For an exmple Rimmel kind & Free powder contails ZERO talc and completely natural ingredients and only 10$ where as Huda powder does contain talc and cost 50$.

I am also facing similar issue of dry patch after applying faces canada cc cream. It has been 2 months and those patches haven't recovered. Please let me knos which cream ur dermat suggested shivani. I also visited dermatologist

It’s good that you are transparent and instructing the viewers to be careful on cheap products because most of the the make up artist/YouTubers won’t do !

I really appreciate 👍

Yadav says:

I am very eager to see your art .I am also a art lover too

I feel it's always safe to minimise the makeup wear like once a week or if it's for special occasion makeup can be applied. Good ingredients that suit the skin type and it's okay to take a break from makeup as we feel like taking skin detoxification and time to heal our skin.

@nsemble_ says:

This is why I used to purchase any skincare or makeups only after watching Dr Vanitta Rattan's videos

Take good care of your skin. Happy to see you using Brookline. This shows that no matter which brain of cosmetics & skin care products you use, Brookline is the mother of all skin care 😍

Hey, could you please share links for good candle lighters ?

Parul Mishra says:

Hey I would love to see some your art collection if you can comfortable to show some of them😊. Take care.

Are swiss beauty products specially lip products like lip stick etc good cause I hav a few products

Su G says:

Good one❣️

Which nail paint in this video??

Jamila Yusuf says:

plzz show what cheap makeup u purchased from nykaa

chandana k says:

Please swatch all your Mac lipsticks and do a youtube video on it shivangi ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love 💕

Ruchi Joshi says:

Hey. Have you live in Roorkee in your childhood? Plz give an answer.

Try Xylitol as a sugar replacement. No after taste.

Ap please Jyoti sethi ke sath collaboration video karo na ❤️ I love both of u and wanted to see both of u together in one frame 😍

Amber Jiwani says:

Thanks for this tip buy 1 good foundation even though expensive rather than buying so many cheap foundations

Can you please provide the link for the blender?

I have got strike from you plz retract it bcz I am small creater I apologise for using your content and send you sorry email..

Please “name” the Low quality brands that u used 😊

Rhia styles says:

Same thing happened with me in 2018 when I was having lil knowledge about makeup and got few products from sarojni market now I always use to purchase the products that you use to recommend and ur recommended products never disappoint me thnks 🤗 now I want to purchase eyeliner so please do make a video on ur favourite eyeliners

Mam ur spects look fab… I liked it soo much..can u pls tell me from where u bought these spects?

Mam is elf is good one to trust on ingredients

Maahimua says:

To be honest dikhane k bahane achi saaf safai hoo jaati hai😂😂😂

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