My Simple Night-time Routine for Blemish-prone Skin + Wrinkles! | Dr Sam Bunting

My Simple Night-time Routine for Blemish-prone Skin + Wrinkles! | Dr Sam Bunting

My night-time routine is everything I want it to be – simple, efficient and, most importantly, it delivers results. In today’s video I share the steps that count when it comes to managing my blemish-prone skin (whilst keeping an eye on lines and wrinkles!)

As always, thank you so much for watching and for all your support!

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21 thoughts on “My Simple Night-time Routine for Blemish-prone Skin + Wrinkles! | Dr Sam Bunting”
Clara Clara says:

I miss you, Dr. Sam ….xxxxx

Nicky Adams says:

Great video dr sam 👍🏻 your skin is amazing 👌🏻💙

Dr Sam you are so elegant!! I enjoy all your videos!! ☀️ greetings from Los Angeles!!

Your skin is flawless ✨️ 😍

Do you ever use facial mists?

hulya lala says:

When it comes to anti-aging, it is well established that tretinoin is the gold standard. I feel like using any other retinoid is a waste of time and money. Why use anything else?I know that you have a financial interest in promoting your products but don't you miss your tretinoin?

HereDianna says:

Hi Dr Sam what if our concern is wrinkles under the eyes and not cross feet. Should the application be the same then ? Is there anything to help "fight" wrinkles/fine lines im that area ?

Donna says:

I’ve been waiting for the nighttime. Thank you. I’ve ordered the daytime. I’m in the USA so I’m in for a two wk wait.

Hi Dr Sam …I just want to know if combination of tretinoin and clindoxyl without benzac cleanser cause depigmentation?…I’ve watched quiet a few videos on tretinoin and clindoxyl on your yt

Brandi Dixon says:

Thank you so much for this video. I have been going straight under my eyes and on top of the eyelid also with the eye cream. Been noticing some burning around my eyes. When I layer heavily w/ flawless moisturizer it helps a lot around the eye. Great tip for not crossing over with the eye and night retinoid. I don’t think I’ve been doing that. Loving all your products. Been on them for 3 years now.

Ann Sener says:

Dr Sam is 64 to old to start tretinion

How would you apply retinol to the upper lip? I have severe discoloration there and want to target that area to remove the 5oclock shadow

Hello Dr Sam you're my fav dermatologist I want a skin like you

Cfv Cafrava says:

Thanks for sharing you have an amazing skin I’d like to know if you use retinol on your neck?

Banana says:

Hi is it ok to use a moisteriser containing petroleum over retinol cream or is that to occlusive?

Is it good if someone takes a break from using skincare products? I have a sister who takes a break from putting skincare products on her face. I wanted to know if it's ok doing that

Sydney James says:

ironical a simple night time routine could cause London Blitz …<3

Mex Xo says:

What about the upper lip? Do you use retinoid there?

Jade says:

Which reusable cotton pads do you use please? Xx

Ella Y says:

Good to know not to double up and to avoid the eye area. Thanks for all the advice and info. Love your products. 🙂

Dee Dee says:

Is it OK to use RetinA under the eyes in general and up closer to the lashes? Yes I watched yours video but I thought RetinA helps strengthen the skin.

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