My In-Flight Skincare Routine + Travel Top Tips | Dr Sam Bunting

My In-Flight Skincare Routine + Travel Top Tips | Dr Sam Bunting

Getting ready for air travel means adapting your skincare routine to be streamlined and minimal. I have a tried and tested formula now that means I future-proof my skin against the impact of air travel ensuring I arrive dewy and blemish-free and ready to starter my holiday!!

Muji Travel Bottles
Flawless Neutralising Gel
Flawless Moisturiser
Flawless Revival Mask
Flawless Lip
Flawless Lip Tint
Olivia von Halle, Luxury Eye Mask
Vedic Meditation

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10 thoughts on “My In-Flight Skincare Routine + Travel Top Tips | Dr Sam Bunting”
Violas Sass says:

Taken from a flight attendant, PLEASE do not do a beauty routine on board! And if you do make sure to disinfect hands first. Planes are a petri dish of germs.

Dr Sam, as always awesome 😎.
" Thanks for suggestion GD idea's about skin care in flight ✈️..#🤟
" But, actually getting complements from people for that only suitable some people. " Dr Sam is one of them 😘.

Jo Rooke says:

I hate how my skin feels after being on a plane. I would never put a retinoid on my skin if I was flying though 😬. I remember seeing something on TV where a lady on a flight soaked a tshirt with water and it was bone dry within an hour!!

Galato says:

So, you go to the airplane with your face clean even though when is daytime and the sun could hit your face? Then inside the airplane daytime without sunscreen?

MissLeonaJB says:

I tend to do a lot of what you advised during a long haul flight -I’d never for to use water after micellar water though so will defo do that next time. I also never thought of using actives either therefore good to know. What about SPF for a daytime flight? I would normally apply this too….I also always clean my hands thoroughly before I touch my face ☺️ xxx

YAM AII says:

Just in time! Bless you ✨🌷

When are you creating travel size for all your products?

Thank you dr Sam, really helpful. I'm turning 40 and don't mosturize during a flight. The rest I do as you say. Guess i'll better strat.

What about sunscreen before, during and after the flight? Sunscreen is actually the most important for me.

Rose Rocha says:

I’m confused about the little bit of tinted sunscreen. I have melasma, and protecting my face from the sun is essential.

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