Morphe x James Charles Palette | Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial

Morphe x James Charles Palette | Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial

Welcome to my 25 DAYS OF TUTORIALS!!!
I will be posting a new tutorial EVERY DAY for the first 25 days in December! In these videos I’ll be using a lot of older palettes that we all know and love. I wanted to step away from all the crazy new releases and just focus on using the palettes that YOU GUYS want me to use! I hope you love all these new videos!

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Morphe x James Charles eyeshadow palette

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Lavaa Lashes – flirty

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E25 (tapered blending brush)

E42 (baby precision blending brush)

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E30 (pencil brush)

E21 (smudge brush)

Mr. Chase – Wild Cherry –

My FAVORITE Eyeshadow Brushes

My Microblading Experience

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes


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Filming camera

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (like Tarte shape tape) and I set that with a translucent powder.



33 thoughts on “Morphe x James Charles Palette | Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial”
J squirrel says:

🐿🐿🐿 I do the same w my shadows to see what works. I had no idea u did till 2 videos again. U r still way more genius than me. ….This music cracks me up because it sounds like Canadian Geese flying over. Anyway……random…….. Love the berry! 🐿🐿🐿 damn straight I'm enjoying 25 days!!!

Okay hold on I think you’re on to something with the swatches before the tutorial. Seeing the color story really helps when it comes to seeing the vision for a look. A lot of times, especially with the JC Palette and other colorful palettes, it’s hard to see the color story you can use in a look just from looking at the pans.

Fabulous & gorgeous look you’ve created beautiful 👍🏻👌🏻💄🤩👏🏻

What a GORGEOUS look! Tbh, sometimes when I look at the JC palette, I get overwhelmed by there being so many colors. When you 1st had the swatches up, my 1st thought was, "Is there another JC palette? Are those even in the palette?"

I'm loving this look. Very easy to follow. Thanks.

I love the 25 days of tutorials. I’ve been doing every look by trying to color match as best as I can with the palettes I have.

I love this idea of using palettes. Your looks are beautiful! Thank you for the cut crease tip. I've been scared to attempt it because I wasn't sure where to start 😂😂

Please please please do a tutorial on colourpop ooh la la and soph makeup revolution extra spice……… Please Angela

So pretty . When I saw this look I to thought you did another look with the New Nudes palette . Love your colored looks. Loved the foiled eyeshadow. Pretty. Flurty look.

Yesss always coming through with actual tutorials! 😊👌🥰

I love this pallet I also purchased the minnie one too and travel with it 😁

Norma Jeane says:

You should do more halo eyes. It's so hard to find halo eye looks.

LilacBunny says:

I love it 🥰 but if its not too much for me to ask can you show your whole face after, but if you are just putting make up on one eye, it’s ok too.

Alysa Davis says:

I can’t wait to watch your videos. I am addicted ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m a beginner to makeup and I don’t have any concealer is their another way I could do a cut crease ?

This really helped you were very good at explaining

I’d tried with the same pallet and everything was orange! Same James Charles pallet? Wtf???

How do you keep fall out off your skin

Jalyn Chavez says:

I love all of your eye looks! Such great detail! 🥰❤️

yumi says:

I love how she uses palette for every or most looks showing that you don’t need fifty billion palettes to make a look cute

Diane Sun says:

Please do an eye with Ace Oceans pallet

not me thinking i could do this 😀

Can you do some tutorials on morphie fierce by nature palette

Kamdyn Huff says:

Are your brushes wet or dry?

Max Star1219 says:

Those are my four faves shades 😎

KOMI!! says:

no one:

everyone obsessed with makeup



I love how you do your tutorials you make it so easy to follow .

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