Morphe x James Charles Palette Eye Makeup Tutorial | Boyfriend Picks My Eyeshadow

Morphe x James Charles Palette Eye Makeup Tutorial | Boyfriend Picks My Eyeshadow

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Morphe x James Charles palette

Salon Perfect x Brittany Bear lashes – bearified


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E25 (tapered blending brush)

E30 (pencil brush)

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42 thoughts on “Morphe x James Charles Palette Eye Makeup Tutorial | Boyfriend Picks My Eyeshadow”

Please do a video using the new Huda nude minis obsession palletsi just bought the 2 darker ones and would love some looks to learn how to do and recreate

jacqui hida says:

Awesome and very pretty… you should get him to picks shades, just using names…not actually seeing the colours. That might be interesting lol!

Gail says:

Wow that is RED. You are sooo gutsy putting that color on your lower lashline. I would look like a drug addict or something if I did that. Lol 🙂 You always have a way of making them work. Awesome.
I luv applying my metallics with my finger. The color truly pops more. Great video. I still can't get myself to purchase the palette though. I look at it every time I go to Ulta. It was not meant to be.

GORGEOUSNESS! Peter did a great job with the colors and you did amazing with application!

Jessica Anne says:

This could be a GORGEOUS look for Valentine's Day ❤️

Ugh another amazing video! I JUST ordered the mini! James Charles is from my area and his uncle plays Santa in our town 😂 doesn't make it any less mortifying to sit on his lap lol

Oh you two are ADORABLE . Thanks for uploading as always ❤️❤️. Your eyes are mesmerizing.

This is actually one of my go to combos lol

Lol, I tried that once with my hubby when I couldn't make up my mind. Yeah, that'll never happen again, black, orange & green is what he picked.
This turned out bomb af & I would've never paired those colors together.

Sam M says:

I just found your account and I love you already. You have such a calming personality and I love the dynamic you and your boyfriend have. PLUS I have the same eye shape as you so I'm so excited to start trying some of your looks! My insta is @glammed_sam

I think you mean “rusted” but the shade you starred is called “you’re kidding”

caylee paez says:

Do you think this would look good on brown eyes? It’s so pretty and I’m trying to be more bold with my looks.

Erica Farner says:

Awh, he picked good ones! My husband would have picked a bunch of random-ass colors just to screw me over.😂

fletcha11 says:

We Love a "Peter Appearance" He did a GREAT Job picking the colors!! Gorg Look as always:))) Jenxoxo!

Jackie P. says:

Omg so nice ! Thanks bought the pallet but missing inspiration

Sundrop Babe says:

Your boyfriend is SO cute and it’s sweet you asked him to pick the colours… LOL…🤩🥰👍👍

Lunarine Ryu says:

You should do a Christmas look! w/ this palette

chloe says:

for the rusted shade you accidentally marked you’re kidding

Que linda!! Amei 😍😙

lauren says:

your eyes are beautiful !! i think i might try this for new years eve, youre so talented

I love your channel now I know how to do eye shadow make up thanks to you😊❤❤❤

DaBerry Gal says:

I tried it and it’s so beautiful I don’t want to take it off

That shadow is not called trusted it’s called your kid

Jashira Neel says:

I followed every step and I got the same look on the first try!

kinsley-may says:

Where did you get your palette at???

I think that is a fake James Charles X morphe pallet because those colors are different and so are the names

Rhiannen x x says:

i recently got the james charles palette and your videos are really helpful for me being an amateur in makeup, i’ve been complimented multiple times, thank you for your work, i enjoy watching your vids! x

you said "Trusted" which you probably mistook for "rusted" which is the color right above the one that Bae chose which is "You're Kidding"

FannyGo says:

I’m gonna try it tomorrow but I’m gonna leave it at the salmon; without the gold. Loved it!!!

I thought the red eyeshadow from the James Charles palette was called you’re kidding, but this is a pretty look!

Sarah Tokir says:

I'm jk perfect couple he was such a cutie and loved his goaty

Nawrin Khan says:

You are awesome
Omg why why why!!
Why i have found you so lately

You so so so pretty!!

Rafiqa Jesy says:

I tried this look and it turned out to be pretty good
Thank you ❤️😇😇

It is actually called your kidding

At first I thought I couldn’t do it then I did and I’m really feeling myself lmao.Also your boyfriend is adorable I love the colors he picked 🙂

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