Make Your Own Vitamin C Face Serum

Make Your Own Vitamin C Face Serum

You might have noticed vitamin C to be an essential part of many lotions and creams that we buy at the stores.

So, how about using vitamin C face serum regularly on your skin that could offer maximum benefits?

In this video, I am going to share how to make your own vitamin C face serum at your home using simple natural ingredients.

To prepare this serum, you will need

1 tbsp of Vitamin C powder
1 tbsp of filtered water or glycerin
1/2 tbsp of Vitamin E oil and
1 tbsp of Aloe vera gel



16 thoughts on “Make Your Own Vitamin C Face Serum”
Astha Gupta says:

This will work wonder or not please tell me

Make a video for eyelashes

Roohi roohi says:

Plz make a homemade eye cream

Which alovera can we use fresh plant Base alovera jel / aur market Base alovera jel??

Can we apply this to eyes?

Nagma Khan says:

Can u pls tell the storage procedure of this serum

Pls any diy for underarms whitening

Tee Bee says:

Thumbnail looks like a cup of sperm…

Please provide links to all products used

tata says:

you don't even made that serum…

Pls make a video about oily skin care in winter pls

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