Light Summer Makeup ☀️


16 thoughts on “Light Summer Makeup ☀️”
Jashan Virk says:

Love your content mam😘😘

sneha shaw says:

Try mars cosmetics

Madhu Sharma says:

You didn't mention the products in the video?

Syeda Iqra says:

So nice…..👌🔥

Which liquid Blush is that?

I really liked ur lipstick shade

Palak says:

Am I the only one here who loves makeup and don't know how to do it? 😅Btw i love your tutorials ❤️

Sadab Khan says:


Blush details please di.

Sakshi Gupta says:

This is what I do when I've to attend wedding functions lol.

Plz let us know the shade of the lipstick…it's just awesome…very nice video….can we have a detailed video with proper demonstration and entire product list?

J Jemima says:

Pretty😍 plz share some tips for sweat proof makeup this summer. As soon I wear makeup in this heat it soon washes off due to sweat 😭

Shy stardust says:

please do make more videos on skin care and good diet for skin

K P says:

Which lipstick ??

Hi Mam, I have one question.
Is it sweat proof , because I get lot of sweat when I step out.
Thanks in advance!!

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