Lazy Girl’s Guide: 2 steps for Pigmentation Free Skin – Ft. theDermaco #DoctorApproved

Lazy Girl’s Guide: 2 steps for Pigmentation Free Skin – Ft. theDermaco #DoctorApproved

A doctor-approved 2 step routine for Pigmentation Free Skin Ft. theDermaco – no DIYs and home remedies, this one is the ultimate Lazy girl’s hack to healthy glowing clearer skin!

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49 thoughts on “Lazy Girl’s Guide: 2 steps for Pigmentation Free Skin – Ft. theDermaco #DoctorApproved”

No DIYs and home remedies in todays video.

Here we will talk about a doctor approved method for super easy pigmentation removal in two steps.

The ultimate lazy girls guide, who wants more lazy girl videos?

Prachi your hair has grown a lot
How did you do this

Flying fairy says:

Your dress is very cute!!!

saroj gumra says:

Sorry bt m confused now…
Which one is good mamaearth or derma???

Ramani B says:

Hii prachi.. can u suggest very mild products to sensitive plz tell me skin toner and night cream??? Mama earth nd cetaphil doesnt suits me i tried but not suited prachi garu give reply plz..

Is there is any cream for pore skin ?

Lazy girl's guide should be a series.
Ur amazing ❤️❤️😍😍

Your hair growth is really super fast 😍 Please share ur hair care routine soon😊

Thanku so muchhhhhh di,really needed the video for pigmentation. Di my age is 14 so can i use these products.plzzz plzzzzzzzzzz reply.

Hii prachhi ! please recommend me on my face I hve pores pimple spot and on my nose some brown spots please suggest me which face wash I'll use ?

Can’t we use anything like home remedy along with this???plssssssss reply

Arya says:

Is this cream ok to use for teenagers???

And your hair has grown so fastly 😍

While ordering they did not provide an option to share picture..😒 contacted customer service, they said its still fine…

Samida Naik says:

Is lacto calamine (for oil skin) is good for daily use ???

hbhuvi123 says:

Hi Prachi..I am your big fan…Love ur smile…Love ur videos….u r so beautiful….,☺️💐

Hi prachi! You look pretty in thid hair style😍

Maa a says:

After your previous derma co video I ordered the product. They have prescribed me this kojic acid cream along with other 3 products. It's removes stubborn pigmentation little bit. Can u you please put bridel care tips prachi please?

Ramya Sri says:

Hiii Prachi,

Lots of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Can u make a video of routine for oily skin. I barely see those kind of videos in youtube.

Doyel Das says:

Aap long hair rakhna didi……

neelima maya says:

Can we use our normal sunscreen after this ?

Hii maam.. Can u tell abt oriflame brand? Is that chemical free, any side effects? Made of natural ingredients?

How to remove pimple mark?

Mamaearth b3 serum or derrma co ninacinamide??

Aren't foaming cleansers are for oily skin?? Can normal to combi skin people can use foaming cleansers??

Hi dear… can we use this after pregnancy… coz I just delivered my baby and I have got pigmentation after pregnancy.

Start wearing earrings or studs.. you look stunning😍😍

These products are only available in derma online site? Pls rply

Can you please give a review of mamaearth neem and tea tree face pack

They don't ask for photo upload now!

Your hair has grown so much. Please Make a hair grow challenge along with sharing tips and tricks for long hair

MoMo'S says:

Oriflame products are best for skin❤

I am using derma co products for pigmentation and it is amazing

Shriya Raina says:

Can we use himayala face mask once a week when using these products

Aarthi S says:

We are missing heii guyss this is prachi

I went to the website, they asked some questions but they didn't asked me a photo of mine. Why that happens?

I am pigmentation around my lips due to pcod can I use the derma co kojic acid or retinol

naseem irfan says:

Lazy girls shuld use this…😘
Thank u so much

unknown says:

Thank u prachi ❣️ luv from Karnataka ☺️

priya singh says:

Hey hi Jst want to know… how long will it have to be used..

I used the derma CO aha bha face wash for 4 days and to my utter dismay I got small small pimples (pustules) all over my face. I have oily skin.

vismaya K B says:

So how long will we need to do this…

Heyy Prachi..❤️
I have see your moslty videos all r good.❤️ Mie face colour is darker then body pleases suggwst me some products ❤️🔥🔥

Di,Does this regime work for pigmentation around mouth?

While using this products we can do any cleanup and facials

Can I include these product on my daily skin care routine ??

I have used for 2 days kojic acid cream …my skin got tiny pimples..what can I do mam

Arya Katiyar says:

Di does this dermaco kojic acid cream really treat Hyperpigmentation around mouth area bcz there are many negative reviews for it plz suggest me best way to treat Hyperpigmentation as I have around my mouth area 🙏

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