JEFFREE STAR ALIEN PALETTE | Grungey Eyeshadow Tutorial + Review

JEFFREE STAR ALIEN PALETTE | Grungey Eyeshadow Tutorial + Review

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Cut crease technique I used:


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Too Faced born this way full coverage concealer – snow

Jeffree Star alien eyeshadow palette

Violet Voss glitter eyeshadow – infinity

Pat McGrath black gel eyeliner

Sephora Collection X Lilly Lashes rome

Jeffree Star liquid lipstick – mannequin


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E35 (fluffy blending brush)

E25 (tapered blending brush)

E30 (pencil brush)

E21 (small smudge brush)

L05 (cut crease brush)


How to get Beautiful Natural Lashes

BEST eye makeup brushes for hooded eyes

Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

Brow routine

How I apply fake lashes


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Are those your natural lashes? How do they look so good?
Check out this video 

What camera and lens do you record with?
I use a Nikon D5500 with a 40mm macro lens. I use 2 soft boxes and a ring light for lighting.

What eye primer do you use?
I always use a concealer set with a translucent powder.

Where is the rest of your face?
It’s there. Don’t worry 😉



43 thoughts on “JEFFREE STAR ALIEN PALETTE | Grungey Eyeshadow Tutorial + Review”

Thank you! I have this pallet and think it's amazing too. All his make-up is fantastic

Lyndie N. says:

Love this look! Would love to see you do a collab with a brand for an eyeshadow palette! 😎

Jem Sopp says:

I this is one of my favorite looks you've done! Can't wait to see what else you come up with from this pallet. 😍😗

Alyssxbeauty says:

Love this!!! Can’t wait to see you create more looks with this! Mine just arrived today, I’m super excited to play with it! 👽💚💕

Jennie Todd says:

I'm going to recreate and will link your video if that's okay, and tag you of course.

Angela says:

I saw some dupes of this palette! Can’t wait to recreate this look one day, totally have been digging gold shades and been wanting to dip into grey!

Hi……….this look is beautiful!!…….please do more looks with this palette…….cause,……..your looks come out amazing!!……and yes Jeffree has the best formula!!

You’re so pretty ❤️ always amazing at these tutorials!!

Love this look!!! It is stunning!!

You are the only person besides Jeffrey I have seen do any eye looks at all with this palette, stunning as usual angel face ❤❤❤

Miriam Diaz says:

You should do some looks with the modern renaissance 😫

Ainee Khwaja says:

Beautiful look. I love your eye makeup. Thank you angela for showing your full face look

L Jenkins says:

Absolutely gorgeous! You rock it Everytime!

JS products are incredible, considering the price, his line is nearly unbeatable.

Olivia Block says:

I love this palette and live for your tutorials. I would love more tutorials with this palette I need inspo!

Boots says:

Beautiful!! Im still on the fence about this pallet but i love you Angela and i love your videos ❤

shabanng says:

Omg his packaging is always bomb ;; also i love your look i just discovered your videos from the dream st tutorial haha and i am in love huhuhuhuhu

lalo 3833 says:

Nice to see a different look from this review video, came out amazing 👍

That eyebrow thoooo 👌🏼

SOLflower says:

Great makeup and video 💜🙆🏻 thanks

arletteross says:

OMG thank you so much! I can't wait to try my Oakley now 💜

Ilana Stein says:

Please do more tutorials with this palette, I love your makeup looks!

Allie A says:

Such a pretty look! Do you prefer born this way concealer as a lid base or tarte shape tape?

Jennifer Y says:

Wow! Just gorgeous Angela!

Leo says:

Should be getting this palette soon so I loved seeing this tutorial 😍 – will be something to try out ^_^

Beautiful look I’m obsessed! 😍😍

Amanda Diaz says:

Gorgeous look! I’m so glad you used Tall Grey as a transition shade, I haven’t seen many people using it and I wanted to see how it performed! ☺️

Loved all the tips and tricks, and oh that Jeffrey palate is the bomb!

My Account says:

He does have great formulas from lips to shadow and hi lighter! I sometimes watch your videos to just relax.

Isabel says:

That is how you put eyeshadows on…So far you, Jeffree Star & Jaclyn Hill know how to actually blend even the most BOLD of colors..It's all about how well colors blend , knowing what colors make what colors, its a color science & people don't get that…Good job.

Ooooooooh this is so cute! ❤️ great look! Will you use the Probe color??

Kayla Vance says:

I swear I love you!!!

Kayla Vance says:

I swear I love you!!!

Namine Love says:

Love the eyeshadow palette get to buy it.

I don't have any of his pallets but I'm planning on getting this soon. I would love to see more looks, this is the first different look I've seen & I love it. I'm wanting to see a look with space cowboy, it looks so pretty in the pallet, if your taking requests for colors, lol.

Yellowness says:

This pallette was made for her.

5hallsLYKKK says:

Oh please please do some more looks with this pallet 💖 this look was gorgeous!!!

suzan pettit says:

Hi hun love your tutorials so pretty could you do some with the orgy pallet if your able to ?

Ellie Redrup says:

Beautiful as always. The grey/blue colours completely lost though

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