Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette | Galaxy Colors Eyeshadow Tutorial

Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette | Galaxy Colors Eyeshadow Tutorial


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Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette | Eyeshadow Tutorial



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Huda Beauty rose quartz palette

Haus Labs gel kohl eyeliner – punk

Haus Labs liquid eyeliner – punk

The Bright Lashes – flutter


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E27 (small blending brush)

E54 (lid brush)

E30 (pencil brush)


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My Microblading Experience

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Use code ANGELABRIGHT for 10% off

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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (same one that I use under my eyes) and I set that with a translucent powder.



43 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette | Galaxy Colors Eyeshadow Tutorial”

This is a beautiful look !! I did not get this palette . But after watching you use it .. I've almost changed my mind lol

Ever since this palette came out, I need to buy it. Nothing from Huda has wow’d me but HOLY SHIT I need this in my life 🤣❤️🇨🇦😘

Samia B. says:

I think my skin is too warm-toned for this palette 🙁

Amy Fincham says:

I am in love with your half lashes I bought flutter and one other and let me tell u I cannot put lashes on to save my life but these half lashes go on so easy. I just purchased more of your lashes today they are amazing quality

I love those colors you chose for this tutorial. They’re beautiful and stunning. I don’t have this pallet but I’m sure I could find colors like the ones you chose to re-create this look. Thank you for sharing

M K says:

Love the texture & how the colors work so well together. They’re so wearable, too!

Momo says:

I am so interested in this palette, from the packaging to the cool tone pinks & mauves, the beautiful shimmers

Anne Hickey says:

The most beautiful eyeshadow palette I’ve ever owned. Great wearable day shadow along with night time glamorous. Blends like a dream. Huda has moved up to my all time favorite eyeshadow makeup

Bella_ 17 says:

I Love your eyelashes brand I need to buy some for hooded eyes 👍🏻👋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

Stacey Rybka says:

Thanks for this girl such a beautiful look 💜💜💜

YES I've been wanting more tutorials

Moon magic is other worldy! Put it on top of the love stone and omg!

You started blase about it then loved it all… I have Mercury too and they are both great fun!

Mary Purpura says:

Wow this was stunning. That first pink was so so pretty and that shimmer on your inner lid.✨Well Done✨

Jena Conard says:

Tbh for me it’s hard to pick a favorite bc they’re all really gorgeous colors- I was really drawn to Gratitude and Aura and the other neutral shades bc you can get really gorgeous neutral looks with it- most of the neutrals – if you will- also have a very subtle mauvey pink hint in them which makes them different – Energized is another cut crease shade that’s absolutely gorgeous and I love Self Love for a little pop too 💕 🥰

My favorite shades are the ones you used on top. The entire palette is beautiful and makes me want to use it. Love the look you came up with

Doriscrap says:

yes ! Thank you for another eyelook from this palette and I LOVE purple looks so I'm so glad and will recreate this one for sure !!! I personally love the color story of this Huda Beauty palette and the quality of the shadows, their blendability, I really enjoy the eyelooks that I get…minus the fallout of some of the shadows…but overall such a great purchase in my opinion 😄🥰

I own this pallette, being in a hurry I've only made basically, this eyelook. Need to play more with other colors. Do you ever make one and done eyelooks? Would you film some one and done looks? Just curious. Maybe a spice up for looks. Not that I'm bored with your content. ❤️

GGW81 says:

I LOVE this look. So pretty.

I wore it to work one day and my coworker asked, "Don't you think it is too much for work?"

Well, I am wearing it at work, so obviously I don't hold the same opinion.

Never really got how people think there is certain colours or what not that are inappropriate for work. Why does my eyeshadow determine my ability to do my job?!

Sorry. Rant over.

The look is gorgeous and work appropriate.

Will you do More tutorials with this palette? 💕 I can’t wait to try this 👀 look. You’re beautiful.

Can you please do some more Norvina Pro Pigment palette tutorials?

MsZygaena says:

Very nice…🧿💕

I love sooooo much your look! And it make me so jealous for this palette! 😅🥰🥰🥰

This is absolutely my favorite palette❣️ Not only because I adore purple eyeshadow but the stunning duo and multi chrome shades! I was so disappointed when you didn’t use any of those shades in the first tutorial. You used 2 of my favorite shades today ~ the multi chrome shade in this palette is called Blissful! I so wish you would use that shade in a look, also 💜

cindi G says:

Such a beautiful look on you!!!

Annm1103 says:

I wish it wasn't so much 😪

I’ve been wearing this palette almost daily for three months. I love the cool tones and duo chromes. The shimmers are insanely beautiful.

celia357 says:

Even though Huda has pretty palettes, I'll never buy another one. I bought the Mercury Retrograde palette and I was disappointed. Major fallout and the shades are patchy AF. Even trying glitter glue, damp brush, finger, everything… nothing worked. Definitely not worth the money IMO.

I love all the soft cool colors in this pallet and the shimmers are beautiful.

Kayla Jones says:

There are 2 of your tutorials that I am planning to try very soon but I have a question. Are the colourpop cream soda quad and going coconuts pallettes very similar? It's hard to tell through a screen and i don't want to buy both on a tight budget if they will be too close in shades. Thank you.

Love, Love, Love this eyelook!💜🌸💜🌸 I am going to try and recreate!Thank you for the inspiration!☺💜

RORO Queen says:

Very nice makeup, but I did not see well because of the writing in the last video

I think Cosmic Love is original and gorgeous. And the fact that all the shimmers look glassy and wet on the eye is why I love this pallette so much. BTW. Love this look. The pink and the dark purple is so pretty ❤️

saltayre2014 says:

Wow! Just gorgeous! 🤩

Letha Brooks says:

I love your tutorials!

Plz make more eye looks using rose quartz palette…we want more videos 🥳

Lite Brite says:

do you have a video that shows how you do that wing line with your eye liner? I am okay with my right on, still not great, but when I do the left eye I totally lose it 🙁 Great video though!! Colours are gorgeous!!

Thank you for this tutorial!! 🥺 Ive had the Rose Quartz palette but didnt know what makeup look to do. This helped me a lot 💗

Diane Hiltz says:

Best Huda Beauty pallet to date, the shades are just so beautiful…

Jaya Dama says:

Sizzling purple eyes

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