Huda Beauty Nude Medium Obsessions Palette | Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial | NO FAKE LASHES!

Huda Beauty Nude Medium Obsessions Palette | Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial | NO FAKE LASHES!

Welcome to my 25 DAYS OF TUTORIALS!!!
I will be posting a new tutorial EVERY DAY for the first 25 days in December! In these videos I’ll be using a lot of older palettes that we all know and love. I wanted to step away from all the crazy new releases and just focus on using the palettes that YOU GUYS want me to use! I hope you love all these new videos!

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Tarte shape tape concealer – light

Huda Beauty nude medium obsessions palette

Urban Decay perversion mascara

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E35 (fluffy blending brush)

E25 (tapered blending brush)

E68 (shadow eyeliner brush)

Buddha by Kontekst Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library

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My Microblading Experience

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Filming camera & lens

Filming lights

Are your eyebrows microbladed?
Yes! Here’s a whole video on my experience

What do you use to prime your eyes?
I typically use a concealer (like Tarte shape tape) and I set that with a translucent powder.



41 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Nude Medium Obsessions Palette | Natural Eyeshadow Tutorial | NO FAKE LASHES!”
Veeleenails says:

Your lashes look amazing! Hope you had fun in the Escape room.

Julia Harris says:

This is on my Christmas list so hopefully I’ll be back soon 😜 😹. 💋xx

liv_fahn says:

Eyeshadow as blush!!!! Why didn't I think of that!!!

Kate Dooley says:

Love seeing both eyes at once good mix up!!! Stunning as always

Maria Ramos says:

Just added to my playlist. I’m wearing this for our Xmas party.

Yeah Girl!!! The blush trick!! Love it 😊

Ahh as a a crazy color lover thanks for making those looks! Neutral looks aren’t my thing but I still watch for tips (like the blush tip today)! What ever happened to Tania Waller??! I loved her colorful tutorials too…

Meagan Evoy says:

Your lashes are super gorgeous since you had them done!! I'm jealous! 😍

Ida Larsson says:

What a stunning soft look! As always👌🏾💕

Ilaria Moro says:

It s very beautiful for a look of all day!

I've got the light one of these and I love it, but the glitter is a bloody nightmare. how do you get it stay all day?

You don't need false lashes after the lift n tint.They did a good job.

Luxey Daze says:

This is beautiful. Your 25 days series for the holidays is amazing. ❤️

Yayyy nudes…..🥰…. great look and yes looking fabulous.💕

Paola F says:

I love this palette! Iuuu I love the blush tip!!!!! I’ll try this tomorrow!!! ❤️

I try , try and try to copy your beautiful makeup looks. I’m older than you so maybe that plays a part, or maybe I’m just not that great at blending 😂 but you are always my inspiration 🥰

Teri Brutts says:

Really must try this. Thanks a million for the blush trick!! Gonna try it tomorrow. Hope you got out the escape room in record time.

Berries!! says:

Do a James Charles make up tutorial 🥰

Going along with your tip, I sometimes use my bronzer as eyeshadow

Wow, i never tried the perversion mascara by UD, i use and love also my roller lash, but what this mascara did with your lashes, i never saw such an amazing and beautyfull result, just wow!!

I love this look!! It’s so soft and easy and wearable. And your lashes look great!!

Aurora says:

Me encanta, es realmente hermoso 😍💜

Jorge Garcia says:

She even look beautiful with or without make-up 😍😍😍 beautiful color thanks for sharing I'm glad that I'm a guy that loves to wear makeup

I still need all of these mini nude obsessions palettes!!! Beautiful look as always!!! I’m sad because I know we’re more than halfway through your 25 days of tutorials 😢and I have absolutely been LOVING seeing a new video with a new look everyday at 2 pm (my time in NJ)! But I know you’re very consistent with your 3 days a week posting so I’ll still see a lot of Angela creations!!!

Luci Georg says:

You are amazing. I'd like to see more videos with this palette for every day makeup for work…

I love this look! 😍 do you know some good nude pink eyeshadow palettes besides this one? I’d love to wear more pink eyeshadow but i cant find any good ones 😞

SyeRye says:

Really enjoyed this video! Loved being able to see two eyes, and your beautiful face! It’s a really pretty look

You know I do a similar trick too; sometimes I use blush as eyeshadow or use lipstick as a blush (as this is one of those dilemmas people have of matching the blush with the lipstick)

Шикарные глаза!
…но необходимо заняться проблемами высыпания на коже.
Макияж очень красивый! 👏👍👍

Erica Conger says:

I am 45 years old and within the last year, I finally got into makeup. Crazy, I know. My 20 year old daughter got me into it. I love using brushes as I used to use applicators. Yuck. I absolutely love the way you put your eye shadow on. It always looks amazing and you make it look so easy and effortless. You have really helped me in my old age… I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me!

꧁Adlih꧂ says:

Is it just me or it seems like it doesn't pickup much color

Thank you for the natural looks that you create. It's such a refreshing change. I'm currently waiting on my order from Huda. I purchased the Light and the Medium Nudes palettes. Again Thank You and please make more natural eye looks.

Candy Abarca says:

With just few colors you created an amazing look! 👌🏽😍 thanks for the tip, I’ll use it next time I put on my make up 😅😂

I just got this palate and you are gorgeous!!! I hope I can do this half as beautiful as you did 🤣

MR: BS says:

Oh my god your eye colour is amazing i lost in your eyes 🤍🤍

Emily Medler says:

I have this pallet. I will definitely try out this look! 🙂

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