Huda Beauty Nude LIGHT Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial

Huda Beauty Nude LIGHT Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Huda Beauty Nude Medium Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Eye Makeup Tutorial


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Huda obsessions nude light eyeshadow palette

Huda obsessions nude medium eyeshadow palette

Lilly Lashes rome


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Are your eyebrows microbladed?
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43 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Nude LIGHT Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette | Soft Eye Makeup Tutorial”
Y izzie B says:

Great beautiful palette !! Awesome eye look, as usual ! ❤️❤️❤️

fletcha11 says:

So soft, so pretty, so feminine:)) Awesome job as usual Angela Jenxoxo!

I was debating buying this exact palette and now I'm convinced! Love your tutorials!!!

Lou Ali says:

soft and beautiful <3

Kris Greder says:

I love a soft GLAM moment!💞💞 Very BEAUTIFUL!💞💞

do you take requests for which pallettes you are going to use in your 25 days of tutorials?

Prettu but really light

Noursbear says:

On Youtube channels there should be a "donate" buttons so you can give a little something for like  Kitkats, or a glass of bubbly 😍

Nona Ali says:

You got a comfortable eye color you know that

Asz1Kat says:

Could anybody tell me the title of that song please?

Esta paleta es preciosa y el look 😍

Nikarte says:

Wow! I love this. 🤗

kayla says:

So pretty😩💕

Faby says:

Thanks for this look! Going to recreate it on me! You explain how to blend so well! Hoping in new tutorials! New subscriber! 🤗 😃💟

vixipixie says:

Gorgeous as usual Angela!!
I just picked up the Nude Rich, it is gorgeous, loved my makeup today. Can’t wait to see you play with it. Funny you mention the Nude Light palette reminding you of the New Nude, the Nude Rich has the same vibes as the Mauve Obsessions palette to me 😊

Gorgeous eye look i so want this palette it looks beautiful ❤️

Nayab qasim says:

It's such a pretty look…I bought this pallete few days ago but I thought shimmers have alot if glitter fall out…I thinking using a glitter glue underneath is a good option

If and when you get the Emcosmetics eyeshadow palette can you do a tutorial for it? 🙂

Kiki Good says:

Bought the pallet followed this look, the glitter shadows have a lot of fall out and definitely don't adhere as easily as this video, I would suggest wetting your brush slightly with a setting spray and then applying those

Isabella S says:

Soo gorgeous. Slick, elegant, sexy. All I needed. But honestly, I really need a dupe! Lol

Wei Li says:

amazing !!! you ROCK!

Limi V says:

Wow this is palette looks perfect for my pale skin! The pink looks great with your eye color

Are you using an eyeshadow primer or a concealer before you apply the eyeshadow? I have the same pallett and mine isn't as bright as yours when I apply it. Any advice is appreciated. 💗

Andrada C. says:

I got it today and I love it. I feel it compliments the blue eyes so nicely for day to day life. Thanks for the tutorial.

Bibbabble says:

What do you use on your eyebrows? They're perfect!

Really nice job👏🏻👌🏻

Sarah says:

i heard it was powdery and didnt show up good on the skin… has anyone tried it?

Joanka 1910 says:

OMG! Beautiful makeup! I have this palet and I need to try this makeup, necessery! <3

bostongal912 says:

That was the one palette I was going to send back because I felt I had the colors in other palettes but now after watching you I think I will end up keeping it now. You create amazing eyeshadow looks. I feel they are some of the very best on YouTube! Thanks for showing us close up how to apply the colors. Makes it very easy to repeat your look. Appreciate that more than you know! You’re one in a million Angela! The best of the best as the saying goes! ❤️😉

Hola soy de colombia que lindo tus videos

gina zhang says:

Love ur videos,thanks so much!

Lynsey White says:

This just ends up all over my face. The mattes are nice though. Everything else is just too glittery or loose or something. My face just ends up covered in it

Bushra Alam says:

Love this palette 😘❤️

New to make up here! Hi! We share the same name lol. This is the first make up tutorial I have done that I actually think looks good on me! I could work on the smokey eyeliner part though but it's okay I am gonna keep trying! Thanks for sharing!

Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

Karina L says:

Love it can you more looks using this pallet please?

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