How to Use Vitamin C Serum Correctly | #NonSponsored Fridays

How to Use Vitamin C Serum Correctly | #NonSponsored Fridays

Vitamin C Serum – It’s crazy how brilliant it can be for the skin, and yet so bad if not used correctly. Most people who have used Vitamin C serum will tell you that it didn’t suit them. Where is the mistake?

In today’s video, How to Use Vitamin C Serum Correctly.

My Favourites:
**(this list is not mandatory to follow, use it for reference if you like)**

Mama Earth Vitamin C Face Wash –
Dermaco Vitamin C Face Wash –

Garnier Vitamin C Serum –
Wishcare Vitamin C Serum –
Dermaco Vitamin C Serum –

Garnier Vitamin C Sheet Mask –
Loreal Hyaluronic Acid Cream –
Forest Essentials Soundarya Face Cream –
Dermaco Zinc Sunscreen –

*These are the products that have worked very well for me. Every skin type is different, so please do a patch test and check the ingredient list for allergies etc.


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35 thoughts on “How to Use Vitamin C Serum Correctly | #NonSponsored Fridays”

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Can a girl with sensitive and acne prone skin use this serum? Because I used plum vit c and it didn't suit me

Sara says:

Have been using vitamin C for over a week, and my skin has gotten very very dry. Is this normal in the beginning?

Can I use niacinamide at night and vitamin c in morning?

Amruta Kadam says:

Can I use vit c serum in morning and BHA serum at night or vice versa?? Is it safe for skin to use 2 types of serum in skincare routine??

sutapa das says:

Can I use vitamin c serum( klairs vit c serum) with plum green tea products ??

shans says:

Hi prachi di I have acne on my skin should I use vitamin c

Anam Nowshad says:

Can v use kojic acid with vit c

Hi Mam , great video. Just wanted to ask if i can use vitamin c serum at night without layering it up with sunscreen ?

Mam am using clinscar soap and zitmoist moisturiser and suncros 50 aqualotion ,none of harmful ingredients u hv mentioned are there ,so can i start using vitamin C serum vit these products,plz tell mam ,am a novice to skincare regime

At night time I need a deep moisturizer can u please suggest me a good deep moisturizer please 🙏

Mehak Goyal says:

Hi prachi u nvr reply… plz reply IMPORTANT
I use salicylic acid face wash from dermaco and cetaphil also i like switching acc to skin need. Can i use vitamin c serum after salicylic cleanser? And kojic acid serum on top of it as i have acne dark spots? Plz guide

Deepti R says:

I realize I was being a bit greedy, and over layering. Now I’ll use different products on different days, and keep the Vit C routine to cleansing-serum-moisturiser, keeping these reactions in mind. Thanks a bunch Prachi, it’s really easy to understand complex skincare terminologies through your videos.

I am ur new subscriber Ma’am..please tell me how to cure melasma near lips..any specific product or any home remedy ..I have tried several products but nothing worked for me

Jaya Shree says:

Hello mam
When i apply vitamin c serum I'll get pimples mam wt to do

Can you suggest an affordable moisturiser to seal in the vitamin c serum? Thanks.

Can we use Niacinamide in AM routine and Vitamin C in pm routine? Will it cause any damage or should I be stick to Niacinamide serum I am using currently?? Please anyone can reply who are aware about these would be a great help.

Dermaco contains niacinamide with vit c serum.

sneha prasad says:

Requil is a vv gd choice

Can we do make up after vitamin c serum at day time?

Mamaearth face cream contains both vitamin c and niacinamide. Should i use it?

I am thinking to buy plum vit c serum, first time i am using the serum.. can you pls confirm below – 1. I only use Dove sope. If i apply serum in the night, is it okay to wash my face with dove in the morning? Dove has stearic acid, lauric acid, citric acid…
2. Also, i hope there is no harm in doing ice therpy as well right? In the morning.. just putting ice on a face for a min.

Meshwa Patel says:

Can we layer vitamin c serum with aloe vera gel…?

can we use vitamin c with cetaphil faceswash?

Then why your recommended salicylic acid facewash

Can we use vitamin c in the day and use a moisturizer with a chemical exfoliant e.g glycolic acid in the night

Can i use mcaffine green tea serum after using vitamin c serum?

Mama earth ka vit c cream kr skte h na use?

Angel Musu says:

kya me vitamin c plum ka foaming face wash use kar sakti hu iss vitamin c serum k sath please reply mam 🙂🙂

misbah rao says:

Di can we use aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer???

MDR says:

Hi di. Can i used aelovera gel after applying Serum?

Hey, starting with plum vitamin c serum, can I use it at night after plum green tea face wash, plum toner, vitamin c serum, and then the plum green tea night ?

Nancy says:

I use benzyl peroxide cream to be applied and leave it for two hours and washed ,after that can i use vitamin c serum

I used plum c serum but after using i feel some ,a little, kind of tingling/burning sensation. How to use it correctly without such effects.

Ritu Sharma says:

I have sensitive+ dry skin nd hav Milia problem on face can I use vitamin c serum

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