How To Treat Strawberry Legs (and why it happens!) | Dr Sam Bunting

How To Treat Strawberry Legs (and why it happens!) | Dr Sam Bunting

Here’s my easy-to-action 4 step approach to improving the appearance of strawberry legs.

The products I used in this video are:

Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Urea Shower Foam:
Flawless Body Therapy:

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6 thoughts on “How To Treat Strawberry Legs (and why it happens!) | Dr Sam Bunting”

Thank you for this! Curious if there is a body wash that’s helpful as well?

A D says:

I love the way you say strawberry (I’m from Canada)😜

Ne Ro says:

I just have really thick follicles! I am South Asian 🧸

Yes, well explanation Dr Sam. " Few times these kind of doughts will appear on skin we doesn't bother. " Acctually we will think due to climate it will appears. " But today you got information through your. And now a days your episode's is taking much time. " Try to bring early 👍😘

Elle Jay says:

Hope you get well soon. 💕

For me not, use it regurarly and it do not help. Nevertheless, great product for the skin.

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