How To Save Your Skin From Pollution With New Anti Pollution Cream

How To Save Your Skin From Pollution With New Anti Pollution Cream


I’ll be talking about a non-greasy and non-oily cream from Mamaearth which forms a shield to protect against dirt, pollution, and the sun. It’s enriched with soothing Turmeric Extract and Carrot Extract which keeps your skin calm and nourished.


All mamaearth products are chemical free and all natural. The brand is 100% plastic positive- they recycle more plastic than they use.

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Mamaearth is a sponsor partner for this video.

DISCLAIMER : All the products that I recommend in my videos are the products which I personally like and use. I do not promote or give recommendations for any products which are of substandard quality or which I wouldn’t personally use or suggest to my family and friends. Please understand that everyone’s skin type is not the same, and every product reacts differently on different skin types. I always recommend a patch test before trying out any new skin care/makeup product.

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44 thoughts on “How To Save Your Skin From Pollution With New Anti Pollution Cream”
Daljeet Kaur says:

Whenever you plan for outings….you must use this Anti Pollution cream…it's really help to save from pollution..i loved's feel awosome skin

This goes well and does not get oily only when used with mamaearth's sunscreen….if u use any other brand's sunscreen ….it becomes very oily!!!

Suits very well for oily skin by not being heavy at all!!!!
Excellent cream for oily skin too

I am also using it ,it keeps my skin dirt , dust free and I just loved it

Yes it's really a good product by mamaearth

Maya Singh says:

Yes it's really a good product by mamaearth 😊

Anshul Arora says:

Very good video. Anti pollution face cream. I recently bought this face cream and was using it since few days and it's really good.

Was finding anti pollution thing thank you for review.. ..
Would love to purchase it.. ..

antrabirla says:

Please tell about weight reviews…aa u both motivate us

Madhu Bansal says:

Wow.. Nice video.. I'm too using maamearth natural products.. And Margaret anti pollution face cream protects my skin from pollution and uv rays.. It also protects from the dust.. Also safe and gives glow..

Mamaearth's Anti pollution creme is creme who protects our skin from dangerous air…

Mamaearth Anti pollution creme is perfect solution to give a big fight to today's dirty air

Aaliya Baig says:

Yes you are right this cream is so light and non-greasy and easily get mingle in my skin.thank u for information

Rashi Paul says:

I am using Mamaearth anti pollution daily face cream…gives protection from pollution…protect against dirt and pollution and sun..

Ritima Paul says:

Great video and great product from Mamaearth. This Anti Pollution Face Cream is very effective. Using it regularly before leaving for work.

Sana Shaikh says:

I have just before a week bought this anti pollution face cream and could not resist my self to share that amazing skin cover is. Actually perfect working women

Seema Singh says:

Mamaearth anti pollution cream is the best cream which can be used these days when going outdoors …

I am using this cream from 2-3 months now and it is very helpful in this polluted weather. Its all organic base and suits all skin types. Mine is very sensitive and dry but it has worked really good. Must buy.

Even i too use mama earth anti pollution face cream it is the best product it is so effective and it remains so long time

Mamaearth anti pollution cream prevent may skin from pollution. It also make my skin glow. The best thing is that it's all products are natural and free from chemicals.

The results of mamaearth anti-pollution face cream are awesome. It protects the skin which the need of an hour.

Didi your nails are fake ??

Mamaearth anti pollution face cream is used by all my family members and it keeps the skin healthy

Using the MamaEarth products it's works wonders .

I use this anti pollution face cream by Mamaearth daily before stepping out for my office.

Hina Parveen says:

Its realy nice i also use mamaearth product. And my sis also use i love mamaearth

Aaliya Baig says:

Best part about this cream is That it is non greasy formula makes my face so smooth and supple. Must recommend to every girl

Mama Earth anti pollution cream is very good it's safe and natural and chemical free for my skin

I stayed in NCR and my skin was really damaging due to pollution but this mamaearth anti pollution cream is a boon for people like us who r facing such high level of pollution.

Mama earth products are free from harmful chemicals and this anti pollution cream provides a great protection against pollution.

Rumana Aijaz says:

Mamaearth anti pollution face cream is really good iska result bahut achcha hai

If you want to maintain your skin fresh for the whole day… then go for mamaearth's anti-pollution creme it will make your skin amazing…

I too have added this mamaearth anti pollution creem in my routine to save my skin it's chemical free

I too have added this mamaearth anti pollution cream in my daily routine. Found it very useful. Happy with the results

Mayeda Khan says:

I m also using mamaearth anti pollution cream and it is very useful..!
It is light on skin and protects against dirt and pollution. Very nice product..!

Saba Ali says:

Thanks for the recommendation. Will surely try this. Pollution is making my skin dull 🙁

Try mamaearth anti pollution cream to save your skin from the delhi pollution and keep it healthy

I am also using mamaearth anti pollution cream…. It's really effective & natural

Save your skin using mamaearth anti pollution cream and keep it healthy

Anti pollution is amazing…. it prorects the skin from UV rays as well as it has turmeric which makes the skin glow…

Your lipshade and nail paint shade di

Rekha says:

Mamaearth anti pollution cream is really good. Iska result bahut achha hai. Main bhi use karti hu

Mamaearth's anti pollution is just amazing product. I have been using this product for months now and when I step out it works well. I would totally suggest all of u to use this product. The best thing is it totally natural product.

Megha Sharma says:

Mamaearth anti pollution face cream is really good… It protects the skin from dust and suitable for all skin types
Must go for it 🙂🙂

It is superbly protects the skin from dust and moreover gives shine to face too..

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