How to Remove Suntan From Face || Ubtan Face Pack for #TanRemoval Remedy |

How to Remove Suntan From Face || Ubtan Face Pack for #TanRemoval Remedy |

How to Remove Suntan From Face, in just a few easy #stepbystep #SunTan #tanRemoval #homeRemedy.


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21 thoughts on “How to Remove Suntan From Face || Ubtan Face Pack for #TanRemoval Remedy |”
Neha Sharma says:

This is a wonder product completely removes all the tan and dirt and makes skin so smooth and fresh . I love it as it’s organic and my skin is allergic to many chemical products

Tirth Patel says:

Will help if you can make a home made facepack

Baldeep Kaur says:

Mamaearth ubtan face mask is very useful for your skin it helps you im your tan problem and gives uh better skin must try this mask

Rashi Paul says:

This Mamaearth ubtan face mask for skin lightening and brightening gives our face a fresh, bright and flawless look and help to achieve a lighter skin tone…helps in enhancing skin complexion…

Mamaearth ubtan face mask is amazing product… it clears the skin… repairs the skin n gives bright glowing skin

I love your accent!!!!

Aarthy Selvi says:

Prachi akka..Thank you so much It came out well..Iam so impressed

I have used it for a couple of days, but not a must have product. I have combination skin and slightly tanned, but not so much effect I found.

I have acne and tanning both,will this help to remove tan without worsening my acne.

Okay didi does it give permanent results or for just one day.

ANUSHA S says:

Mamaearth ubtan face mask really dried out my skin like crazy nd instead taking off the tan it darkened my skin tone. Instead of this mask , gram flour worked best for me

Tonar-rose water

Di I had question u had done a vedio of face mask using multani mitti ,haldi.. today solo can we use that plzz do reply di plzz

This is a very good face mark. This made my face very beautiful and Pimple also moved. Is a natural product. Takes effect very quickly.

You are so preety mam

Kyaa hum konse bhi face pack ko lemon se nikaal sakte hai ?🙄🙄

Woww I just loved each and every process in this video👌

TRISH says:

Didi I am 14 + girl . Can I use mamaearth face mask

Dhanesh says:

After all this my skin becomes too dry…and becomes black again due to dry…and if i apply moisturizer its become oil again 😭😭😭😭

PSYxHealer says:

Pls suggest detan facepack

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