How To: Pearl Blonde Hair | Lighten & Tone Tutorial by Mirella Manelli | Kenra Color

How To: Pearl Blonde Hair | Lighten & Tone Tutorial by Mirella Manelli | Kenra Color

In this video, we’ll show how to lighten and tone the hair to a beautiful pearl blonde.
The model is a natural level 5, and the last time she got her hair done was about 6 weeks ago. She has previously lightened, long hair and her biggest priority is making sure her hair stays long and healthy. Watch as Mirella shows you the right product use & the application for clients like this.
We will show the entire process including formulas and techniques, so make sure to watch until the end!

Sectioning: 0:35
Lightener Mixing Instructions: 0:56
Lightener Application: 1:14
Final color application: 7:09
Final result & recap: 8:17

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How To: Pearl Blonde Hair | Lighten & Tone Tutorial by Mirella Manelli | Kenra Color

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36 thoughts on “How To: Pearl Blonde Hair | Lighten & Tone Tutorial by Mirella Manelli | Kenra Color”

Beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Looks so good 😃👏🏻
Just à question, the toner with 20 vol was just på lift out and correct some yellow bands down the lengths ? 😃

Is the ice sheer ultra lift or sheer tone

Anna Anka says:

Why are they showing two different colors at the end? It's ice blue in thr street and yellow inside the premises. Can there be such a huge difference?!

Elaine Parr says:

That looked like 2 different colors. One looked WHITE
the other looked BLONDE ???

Natalie 82 says:

Very nice precision application. I noticed you never mentioned any prices though . This service would be well over $200 at a salon. And if you have that to spend every 2-3 weeks, good on you. This look is not impossible to get at home. It's clearly more work and cost than a box of hair dye, but significantly less than salon prices.

Martha Duff says:

As a beautician you did a great job.

Boy I'm glad i don't have to do that.

Amanda Abel says:

Hi Kenra colorist can you please confirm the color formula listed at the end? She said Simply Blonde Sheer tone Natural Gold 2 parts? And Ice 1 part, 20 vol for 10 mins and this happened on damp hair?

I genuinely wish you could do my hair! I naturally have dark brown hair but have always been obsessed with this color! You’re so skilled

such a beautiful neat job 🙂 I would love to be blond someday. 🙂 connie

Can you go from black to this without melting your hair off ?

Doesn’t the cotton absorb some bleach?

Tee Bee says:

What is your color? Its pretty

Professional Hairdressers burnt my hair off, & have given me ugly haircuts intentionally.
I don't trust jealous saccharine people.
This lady did a fantastic job.

Ash Heaven says:

What is “natural level 5?”

Ash Heaven says:

This was fun to watch, but I cannot dye my own hair.
I would dye a wig and wear it, though.

THIS is exactly the color I want! I had an entire year of virgin growth ruined in pursuit of this.

Sponge Fun says:

Her voice is great asmr. Lol

Akira Sweat says:

Woah!!! You guys are my new favorite company!!! Your applications are so clean and the step by step explanation is crystal clear. I love watching your videos. It inspires me to be a better stylist.

SpirituAna says:

This was extremely helpful thank you!

SpirituAna says:

I wish you could do my hair 😭😭😭

Thank you for the tips.

Katie E says:

Any chance you can do a level 5 and under balayage with a money piece? Would you use this on levels 5 and under?

Rainbo says:

As a pro, it's nice to watch someone apply it properly. This is why it costs money for this. It's a luxury service and trying to do it on yourself is nuts.

On the toner. Is it 2 parts gold to 1 part ice? or 1 part gold to 1 part ice? Sorry, the middle of the video conflicts with the summary at the end.

Tovah says:

NEVER use anything metal to mix bleach no matter the brand. That’s 101 rule book knowledge. Tsk tsk.

thanks for the review!

Cheryl Ardis says:

This is the BEST video I've seen showing how to do roots, direction and clean lines. Ive always winged it because other videos try to explain but never show in depth

Cheryl Ardis says:

Another question. Why when doing the back lay hair up? I've always done down

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