How to Hydrate Skin For A Big Event | Brides + Special Occasions | Dr Sam Bunting

How to Hydrate Skin For A Big Event | Brides + Special Occasions | Dr Sam Bunting

Here’s my hydration playbook for those days when you NEED skin to be at its best. The products used in this video are:

Flawless Revival Mask
Flawless Moisturiser
Flawless Cleanser
Flawless Gossamer Tint SPF 50
Flawless Lip Tint

As always, thank you so much for watching and for all your support!

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24 thoughts on “How to Hydrate Skin For A Big Event | Brides + Special Occasions | Dr Sam Bunting”
johaina says:

Perfect advice… thank you

kwi says:

I always skip my retinol a day or 2 before a day when I need my makeup to look flawless. I also moisturize and then put Vaseline all over everything overnight. It really works!
Great tips!

susanmcf1 says:

This is so helpful. Thank you.

mbot1984 says:

Thank you! I’m getting married in six weeks!

milkdrinker says:

gonna start doing this every friday

Ama Dzokpe says:

Very helpful, many thanks xx

lili h says:

Thank you! This video confirms my doubts all this time that the retinol/etc. in evening and VC/etc. in morning might cause my skin to dry out later in the day. Now I know what to do

Julia M says:

Prettiest Derm ever 💞💜

Clara Clara says:

Dr Sam, you are so talented and simply adorable xxx

bnb0510 says:

I alternate so many actives and i do this method all the time when i have an event or need my skin to look great with makeup application. I layer a bunch of hydrating products a night or two prior depending on how dry or flaking my skin is.

bnb0510 says:

Scupla’s PLLA spf 50 compact is THE BEST tinted sunscreen i have ever used as far as a flawless makeup look. I love Alastin too but for hot weather and a filtered look Scupla is unmatched.

Ella Y says:

Great advise as always. Thank you. 😃

Beautifly says:

Thankyou for suggesting this product…loved it😍

I would love if you could give us alternative things to use ..not just your stuff…cause I don't own it and can't afford

Wouldn't the water remove the moisturizer

What is the name of the makeup artist mentioned to watch?

Hello dr sam, can i ask if sunscreen with zinc and titanium (nano size) is safe to use during pregnancy? Thank youu

Beautifly says:

Thankyou for suggesting this gorgeous deo 😌loved it😍

Leshen says:

What do you recommend doing if you get cystic acne RIGHT before the big day? I am worried that doing nothing will let it get much worse, especially when I'm already prone to oily skin. but I also don't want to dry it out at the risk of my skin peeling around it.

ceeb says:

Perfect timing since I'm a bridesmaid in August 😍
Just purchased the revival mask!

S B says:

Dr. My upper eyes looks tired and eye brows and getting saggy.. I'm 29.. is it ok in this age?? I mean isn't it too early ??? I am unmarried and my glow is not the same .. but my skin is dry, now in winters it looks ok… It looks veryyy dry and bad in winters…. Which treatment should i go for for my saggy brows.. I don't really like botox or thread lift.. anything else that's good for skin tightening?? I use rerinol 5 days a week, once salicylic acid and then one day tretinoin.. in the morning, v
Hyaluronic acid first on damp face and then vitamin C, sometimes niacinamide instead of vitamin c… How to use hyaluronic acid with vitamin C???
Is it good skin care routine?????

Ayiiiiii thank you dr sam…i will follow your hacks…i am getting married in nov

I'm going to save this video it will work in november 😁

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