How to Grow Nails Fast and Long? – SuperWowStyle

How to Grow Nails Fast and Long? – SuperWowStyle

Learn how to grow nails fast and long naturally – with superwowstyle!

Nail growth Video:

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42 thoughts on “How to Grow Nails Fast and Long? – SuperWowStyle”

I love ur videos so much! They r so helpful and so are u!

EMM J says:

how many times in a week we should do this?

aamir anwar says:

you are the best youtuber

Leah Seigler says:

thanks for making that video because that really helps me a lot.

Raziya Ameen says:

Should we be doing this everyday or once in a week

Hey Prachi !! Nice video 👍👍 but here i have a question for you about this video …. I watched this trick on other several YouTube channels and they all used cold water (or ice cubes in water) with the same technique nd in this video you are using warm water instead of cold water??

So i wanna ask …… why you did so?? And what is more effective

Plz reply soon !!

Tooba Sadat says:

How many times a week ???? 😬

how many days shuld v follow this

Summaa says:

can i replace coconut oil instead of olive oil

manisha vora says:

warm woter khana hain wo kya garam pani ka kahe rahe hain

Shikha Malik says:

Can I use normal oil in the place of olive oil??

dishitaaa 1 says:

you and your vids……awsme……

Sayed Bushra says:

Hello prachi this is Bushra. Can i know if those tablets are safe for teenagers too? Like 14 to 15 years of age

you hve got an adorable voice!!!!

Fatima Chara says:

Prachi dii ! Thanks it helped me a lot thanks 😊😊

Can i use Vaseline instead of oil?

Sofia Shaw says:

Hey anybody who knows…. are you still able to do this with nail polish on? I need to know urgently! Thanks! 🙂

You can get the sponge in penny's

gr8 video but for how many days we have to continue this procedure?

Teri Rose says:

Thats not true my toe nails grow way faster than my fingers

My toe nails grow faster than my finger nailzz😎😎

to be honest ur the only youtuber which i trust on remedies because most of the youtubers just fake it and the remedies never work only which is kinda frustrating

I'll try it and tell you

Abbas Khan says:

doest it realy work?

Sravani G says:

we can use these with out sponge also

Manon Mani says:

We must use only olive oil/coconut oil or else any other oils

Dorisa Cox says:

so you only need to put it in warm water everyday for 5 minutes ok

Rajeev Gupta says:

please tell how to make the tip the part in the front white as shown in the pics

is ths medicine is needed for growing nail faster or its not necessary for this? fr sme health issues I can't hv this medicines Prachi.. bt I love the video nd really wanna try.. plz hlp me..

Levi Parker says:

I also have bad nails but I have a biting problem and that's why. can you do a video on that?

Seriously! It is!
My nails of right hands grows seriously long,strong and beautiful than the left's!

Does anyone know her snapchat?

Abhay says:

I have very rough hands so when I consulted he said me to do this
So this is good!!!!

She is using basically word more times

Shweta x says:

How much time takes it??

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