How to Get Glass Skin?

How to Get Glass Skin?

In this video Dr. Anupriya Goel Medical director at Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic sharing top secrets to get glass skin.

1. Rejuvenators or Dermal boosters
– Maintains elasticity and hydrates skin
– Retinol, Hyaluronic Avis, Growth factors
– Combine with PRP / vampire facial

2. Oral Glutathione
– Combine with Vit C, Vit E, Alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract

3. Exfoliation
– Chemical exfoliation by glycolic acid and lactic acid
– Physical exfoliation by scrubs and MDA

4. Daily skin care regime
– Facewash
– Sunscreen
– Night cream


Hello everyone ! As everyone has been asking about good products to use, I’m mentioning them here! Hope this will help :
– Good moisturising cream : Cetaphil DAM
– One of the brands of oral glutathione that I really like and has good results – Berkowits Radiate Glutathione –

Berkowits Vit C with hyaluronic acid – Berkowits Vit C serum , but this should not be used in acne prone skin.-

Can use VC Tone cream in acne prone skin

– Night cream – Ega cream
– sunscreen – Berkowits sunscreen is one of my favorites-



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Appu boss says:

Priya… I love you da chellam.. Your face is enough to see.. No need to do yoga.. Because when I see you.. I got more energy.. Kindly accept my love..

isapalm1 says:

the terminology is a little difficult to follow can you show some eamples of products that contain those ingredients please??

Kamini Desai says:

Y looking gorgeous 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

My skin type is mixed and sensitive and hav acnes on my plz suggest any treatment or drug to prevent the problem.

May i knw where is your clinic

Alam Khan says:

How to take an appointment?

Afs Skh says:

Mam please can u tell me what could be the cost if i want to do treatment for open pores?….do reply….i am so frustated bcse of this issue

Yellow Sun says:

This is like paper presentation in college technical festivals

Hi mam i have searched for vampire facial but its review are so disturbing.

Which moisturizer we should use?

Shree Hambir says:

Man can you please recommend some products for postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.Caused due to 10% salicylic acid peel

Radha Bhanu says:

Hello mam..
Could you plz help me out with Which glutathione is best effective
Which night cream should I use for normal skin
I have tan and dark circles tooo
Plzzzzz do help me out

Mam, can you pls use home remedies?

Vivek R M says:

Mam…am 20 yr old with normal skin pimples..clear which should I do this ? Please reply mam…am ur subscriber and follower of instagram

Dc.can I use vitamin E capsule directly on the face???is it harmful???

Thank you Ma'am for this wonderful information.
Ma'am can you give me home remedies to get such glass type crystal clear skin.

This iSahil says:

Mam products to suggest kro

mam dr liv told that sheet masks are not that good what do u say

Zuyu says:

Beautiful doctor beautiful advices..tq so mch maam

Doctor what is best Night Cream and Day Cream for Oily skin…Please Reply Doctor,please

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I like u sooo much 😍😍😙😙

Amaya Landge says:

Mam can u please give a skin routine for acne prone skin having scars

Rajib Basu says:

Mam how long can we take ALA and does it have any side effects

Mam please let me know how to grow my eyebrows out!!!!

Where is your clinic Mumbai location???

white gamers says:

Too GD.mam can u suggest best fairness crms

Can plz recommended creams serums which r available in market particularly

So beautiful knowledge,,🥰

Sindoora K says:

Mam would you please suggest best anti oxidant serum

N Shaikh says:

Hii aap hindi me bolo English me pura samaj nahi aata

Mam how about gluthathione creams,sidewffects and brand

Mam I appreciate you …all of them saying ur using medical term …but they dont take step to Google it….Home remedies are useless actually …it will burn out face ..avoid using turmeric …use glycolic acid creams available in pharmacy for black spot. cylndamycin for pimples…use very small dosage daily …avoid using physical exfoliant like gram flour etc…..using ice cubes and tea tree oil for hydration

Aane medical lenveg ka use kiya h Jo samjh ke Babar h

Neelam Kumar says:

Can use vitamin c day time and retinol night time

Vidha Tiwari says:

Please Hindi me define kare

Vani Shree says:

not useful,please mention products directly without using medical terms

Priya Kanwar says:

Thnk u so much for such a informative video…

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Mam could you please tell me which cream I can use ….acne prone skin type…moreover which all things I should buy to make my skin clear

Berril says:

Mam can u please put a video how to do makeup for going out if u go into it it's very useful for us ..and make step by step please anupriya dr

Ranjith R says:

Your smail vereee beautyfull

Urwa Rani says:

Very informative but for us it is very difficult to find such products having the ingredients you told so plz mention the name of the products. I have oily acne prone skin with small open pores which night cream, serum, toner and sunscreen should i use which easily absorb into my skin? I am from pakistan

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I am watching this without audio on…😄

Mam plz tell me hair fall more and fall hair root white mam patle bhut h hair mere Kya kru

Mam eyes ke niche black ho gya h uske liye Kya krna h mam

Mam upr bale area se hair fall h mam plz Kya kru me mam

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