How To Get Glass Skin With #Foreo Luna 2 + Updated Review Rs 19,000 Face Brush!

How To Get Glass Skin With #Foreo Luna 2 + Updated Review Rs 19,000 Face Brush!

#Glassskin – How To Get Glass Skin With Foreo Luna 2

Get one here: Get from here:

(this link above is from an Indian website. No shipping or customs charges. You can buy Mini also, it works really well, and is slightly cheaper too…see the end of the link)

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42 thoughts on “How To Get Glass Skin With #Foreo Luna 2 + Updated Review Rs 19,000 Face Brush!”
poo says:

I have acne ,pimples can I use

cutee ahsan says:

I have seen ur old.. Videos.. Nd u look much prettier dan now.. I think.. U lost a lot of weight.. Dats why u look.. Older now.. Don't take it otherwise.. Love u.. 😘

Yeah dear..pls do tel us an updated version after 5-6 months

Pori Choy says:

I love foreos, but tbh for glass skin you need way more than a foreo! It starts with eating a super clean diet with lots of superfoods like aronia, chia seeds, sea weed, etc,… no gluten, dairy, fried, salty or sugary food. On top of this the 10 step Korean skin care routine will result in having glass skin. It takes lots of time, effort and dedication!

Adarsh Panda says:

Your hair ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Di I have a question that I have oily skin and I can't understand which moisturizer is best for my skin type. Please help me out……………..

Hlo prachi ! You r looking beautiful in this haircut 😚

prachi di can u please review the suction blackhead remover.please and thank you😁

Nandini M says:

Prachi u look soo cute😍

Amita Kanwar says:

Hii Prachi please review derma roller also.. coz I'm planning to buy a one.
Please review that if u can!

I missed opportunity on black Friday sale it was for 10 k

Can it be done on neck also?? Did you do on neck..

I have a question please help.. I have ordered it online and i have not received it yet. I have got a mail from them today saying that i have to pay 30% more as customs duty so this is making costlier. Aapke sath bhi yahi hua h kya?? I have used one coupon and paid online of total 11,081 after discount.
Part of mail : "Before processing your order we want to inform you that according to customs regulations, you may be asked to pay import duty when importing our products. The rate of duty will be about 30% of the total value of the product. There might be some other extra fee charged by customs. We suggest you to check with your local customs for more information."
Please help, as you said this is a luxury product.

Afrin Sofia says:

Yes mam plz do updated version much needed

Hi prachi… I ordered for Luna in foreo using coupon code n it cost me 11k but foreo is asking to pay import duty which is 4k…ideally it's original cost of product … Did u pay import duty as well?? It's likely no use of coupon code

Can we use the dupe foreo pls tell

Vidhya shree says:

Which is the best moisturizer for dry skin sis.. pls do reply

You had wonderful hairs, Miss you with those hairs Prachi Dii.

Hi there’s is off going on.. they’re giving 30% off for foreo luna.. checkout

Hi everyone, there’s a sale going on for some foreo products. And for foreo luna-2 they have 30% off.. And if you have student offer, you can almost save 55% of total money

Why you choose for sensitive skin ,can you please tell me about your skin type, I'm wondering what to buy?

Hi prachi I m confused about which model should I buy of Foreo Luna. is it worth please reply

Suganya Ammu says:

Full body whitening tips tell me prachi

Hiii diii…. actually I m thinking to buy this one …but want ur opinion on this bcz I watches other reviews which are negative like they r getting bumps and all … is it right??? And not then which one is gud ….Luna 2 or Luna mini 2 ……

Mansi Chadda says:

Wanna know another updated vdo for foreo luna pl!!

Funny its only 1000tk in Bangladesh near 700Rs of India. 🙂

On site it shows 23000 why?

k Khan says:

Plzz send me ur no …I want to talk to u about my face problems

You told it costs 19000 but the price is 23000 is showing over there

Shreya Lalit says:

Yes please give a latest update on foreo Luna.

bharathi S says:

Ur words made me believe so much in that product….I purchased even I am having tight budget…thanks dii…love u

Hi Prachi
Recently I purchased foreo Luna mini 2 after watching your video ( could not afford the Luna 2) I got the product which is manufactured 2016 and made in china from Sephora India online website
Is it fine if the product is imported in 2016 and made in china wondering if it is original or dupe

I want to buy foreo luna go.. can you pls suggest me should i buy it or not? Is your luna still working?


I have this my brother has bought for me

Yes please I would really like a long term review. I got to know about this product through you. Thank you for introducing this product to me. Before this I was considering purchasing clearasonic. But… Not anymore. I plan to purchase luna 3. The sales are not on I guess as it says coming soon. So I'm eagerly waiting for that product!

Can u say which foreo luna is cheapest one.. For combination skin type.. Plzz

I thought I would buy this product .Please tell,online address.

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