This is the ultimate eyeliner technique. It gives you the thickest darkest lashes you’ve ever seen just from lining the eyes in a different way!


A demonstration on how to line your eyes using a push liner brush. The one i’m using comes from make up for ever but you can buy them at most arts and crafts stores for a lot less…so look around before you buy one.

Remember, on very hooded eyes consider pushing the product deep into the upper lash line – this will give the impression of very dark lashes without actually lining the eyes. I do this trick anyway, on all clients.




The photo at the beginning definitely looks like a liquid liner and a different approach. Why not put a photo at the beginning that matches the technique you will be showing?

erudite60 says:

That was excellent!! I've been avoiding eyeliner all these years because I can't seem to draw a straight line; but now I have found the ideal method! Thank you Wayne!x

MBIBI says:

when you say apply to the root of the lashes, do you mean the waterline?

Thank you so much very helpful

Nina says:

Thanks Wayne great tips!

i really thought that at the end of the video, instead of "i will see you next time, hopefully with slightly less deep voice" he would say "i will see you next time, hopefully with slightly less eyeliner" 😆

Mary Fieldew says:

when demonstrating tightlining: "you wanna put it right at the base of the lashes". Yeah, I do, but I can't tightline for peanuts

Sandra Samir says:

oh i like you soooo much😍😍

Sam Booker says:

I just experimented with a liquid eye liner fine tip pen by pushing it into the roots of the eye lashes which also works well.

Julie Burton says:

Wayne, oh so helpful… I am learning so so much from your videos. I have hooded eyes what a nightmare for makeup!

This "trick" is priceless!!!!!! I'm struggling so much with eyeliner I stopped using it or trying to apply it altogether. It looks amazing and I don't think there is an easier way . Thank you so much ❤

I love your videos. So educational.. (:

dinkybo says:

I love vintage Wayne Goss. Such a sweety

morgantough says:

I do not know why, when you wave at the camera. I wave back haha!

Michelle says:

Seven years later and I'm still watching 😘😘😘

Monica says:

I knew you would show me what to do with my aged hooded eyes. I love my winged eyeliner but now the hood (age 50) has got in my way.

Hummer Klein says:

take lots of vit C .just today .
love lots .

Faeriedarke says:

Aaaaaw Wayne, how cute were you? You're quite awkward in front of the camera, you've come a long way baby!

Stamp My Art says:

Best tip I've heard for lining hooded eyes. Thanks!

Annette Lowe says:

So glad that you feel better!

Syl says:

having only one eye done makes you look like youve got a lazy eye haha

Had no idea I could do this. Definitely going to have some fun playing around with this.

Cathrine says:

Simply genius! Never heard about this before.

Maria m says:

This is a good trick but way harder to wash off

Thank you this was very helpful always struggled with doing eyeliner so I’d only use it in the waterline or not @ all sometimes I’d use shadow instead which I like bc it makes it look more natural I’ll def. start trying it this way

No flakes get into your eyes with this? I have hooded eyes

Piper Black says:

Watching this in 2017.


Vania says:

omgg embryo 2010 wayne

Love this! EXCELLENT video!

Nadya H says:

Very nice tutorial. And your voice sounds even better like this 🙂

Liu Li Ping says:

Wayne,you are make up guru, my lash lines always dim after short time , I tried many youtube tips , but still make my eyes like panda, your this video really helps me, Thank you SO SO So much.

Omg thank you so much you are wonderful i have trouble doing it the regular way and now i can do it perfectly 😊😊😊😊😊

Sumpit Malay says:

Great tips. Thank you Wayne

OMG I just tried this technique , and am so happy with how it came out. No more stretching my eyes. Thank you thank you thank you.

Sonia Sharma says:

Sir in this video u r looking very young OMG u r so cute I love u sir u r amazing ur tips n tricks are mind blowing

Oh Wayne that’s brilliant you have just rectified my question thank you so so much regards Liz x

Tara Wood says:

You have helped me so much,love your brushes, will you please do a puffy hooded eye look like Renee zellwinger pls I struggle terribly

Wicked Liz says:

This is easily the best info ever! I’ve been struggling with my liner & this technique was a snap. Big thanks 👍❤️

Alinka Gróf says:


This is the result I've tried to get ever since I bought my first eyeliner. THANK YOU! My eyes-only Covid-era makeup can finally be on point. 😄

Jennifer cn says:

Very helpful..I have hooded eyes and now I accept it and thinks that wing eyeliner is overrated

Tash R says:

Thank you Wayne for always making me smile.

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